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Advanced ceramics product development for technical applications

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Ceramic Materials and Powders
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Austrian manufacturer of technical ceramics is looking for partners from industry and academia to develop ceramic products for technical applications based on novel material variations and characteristics. The company has specialised in influencing ceramical material properties in order to develop products with specific technical requirements. The SME is looking for technical cooperation agreements with partners from industry.



Advanced ceramics cover many different and highly-specialised ceramic materials with unique mechanical, electrical, thermal and biochemical properties and property combinations. The variety of specifications and combination opens up a large field of applications ranging from automotive industry, electronics, medical technology, energy and environment to general equipment and mechanical engineering.

The Austrian company has been developing and producing technical ceramics for 70 years. Processed ceramic materials are steatite, cordierite and aluminium oxide. Traditional fields of application for these ceramic types are electric heating technology, household appliance components, temperature control technology, electrotechnical components, resistance technology, lighting technology, etc.

In recent years, the Austrian company has specialised in influencing material properties. In cooperation with universities, the company has developed unique material variations (e.g. specific porosity) to produce ceramic materials with novel properties. Materials like these can be used to design advanced components that perform the required tasks with optimum precision and can therefore be a solution for technical challenges that cannot be overcome with conventional materials.

This opens up new fields of application where conventional materials can be replaced by technical ceramics. Depending on the field of application and requirements, component geometries and suitable ceramic materials are selected in order to achieve the desired properties of the customers needs. Liquid evaporation system would be an example for new applications where a ceramic part with defined porosity allows a specified diffusion rate per a given time period.

The Austrian company is looking for partners in industry and business using technical ceramics to develop or enhance products. Potential partners are interested in using components made from ceramic materials by replacing conventional materials such as metals or plastics in order to solve technical challenges.

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Advanced ceramics in technical applications must satisfy extremly high demands in terms of their properties. The Austrian company is able to control structural parameters of the ceramic material (porosity, thermal conductivity, weight,…) and combine different properties. This will provide an opportunity to significantly change its mechanical and performance properties, thereby expanding the scope of the material use in the industry. The property spectrum contains: - adjustable porosity - tuneable thermal conductivity - temperature resistance and thermal shock resistance - UV light resistance and corrosion resistance - electrical and thermal isolation - extremely high compressive strength - wear resistance

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The Austrian company is looking for industry partners from traditional business fields (mentioned in the description) as well as other sectors where ceramic materials could replace existing materials in order to develop products with novel characteristics. The SME offers a technology cooperation agreement with companies of any size from industry who want to influence ceramic material properties and develop novel material variations of ceramics.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500