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Advanced electrospinning know-how for innovative medical devices development e.g. fibrous coverings for improved tissue regeneration, bioresorbable and non-bioresorbable polymers, vascular implants…

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A French company develops research and manufacturing activities around electrospun materials. Electrospinning is an efficient technique to create polymeric fibers with diameters ranging from 100 nm to 10 µm. The produced porous scaffolds made of interconnected fibers are adapted to promote cell activity and thus bio-integration of medical implants. The company is looking for research, technical and manufacturing partnerships where electrospun materials lead to new advanced medical devices.



A 40 years old experienced company provides contract R&D and manufacturing services in the biomedical field and micro-technologies. The company’s expertise focuses on class I to III medical devices, from long-term implants, active medical devices to advanced transluminal technologies. Devices are developed for a variety of medical applications, ranging from cardiology, neurology, ophthalmology, urology to orthopaedics.
The company has developed for 6 years its electrospinning activity with the elaboration of highly porous materials for tissue regeneration. The company invested in an industrial electrospinning system with temperature and humidity controls ensuring the repeatability of experiments. Moreover, the system can be programmed for all day and night electrospinning, making possible to realize long and ambitious processing projects. The company is able to electrospin bioresorbable and non-bioresorbable polymers and is always interested by electrospinning new biomedical polymers. A variety of collectors are available to develop fibrous materials with different fibers organization (random or aligned) and with different structures such as thin membranes, tubular constructs or more complex tridimensional shapes. Micro-particles or specific molecules of interest can be easily inserted into the polymer fibers and create composite materials with targeted mechanical or drug release properties.
The company can manufacture electrospun materials for pre-clinical and clinical studies, assuring the packaging of the products prior to their shipping for sterilization. The characterization of the electrospun materials and devices (fiber diameter, thickness, mechanical properties, drug loading and release) can be performed to ensure specifications of the devices.
The company recently focused its works and developed a strong expertise in biocompatible fibrous covers for medical devices. The company is ready to share its expertise in the fields of membrane covering and tissue regeneration, and start new work collaborations to develop advanced medical devices with electrospinning.
The company is looking for research and manufacturing partnerships where electrospun materials lead to new advanced devices such as implant coverings, tissue regenerative scaffolds or drug eluting membranes. The company stands as an efficient partner to design, develop and manufacture in clean rooms medical devices based on electrospun materials.
The company has already been involved in European projects about the development of electrospun medical devices such as vascular implants or drug eluting membranes.

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• Development of innovative porous materials with tridimensional fibers network adapted for tissue regeneration and increase bio integration of the implants • Strong expertise in medical devices for tissue regeneration, knowledge to design and manufacture medical implants combined to an innovative technology. • Short time frame development of devices in the field of tissue engineering, stent coverings or drug delivery systems. • All the innovation chain can be covered from the design to the packaging of the electrospun devices.

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Industrial partners are sought working in the healthcare sector and willing to explore, test, design, manufacture new medical devices and implants based on the electrospinning technology in all the following fields: cardiology, neurology, ophthalmology, urology and orthopaedics. New challenges in tissue regeneration or drug delivery systems would also be welcome. The type of cooperation will be studied depending on the needs. Cooperation in the framework of Horizon Europe program could also be considered.


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