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Advanced wireless controller for virtual reality

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A Spanish technology based SME has developed a wireless controller for virtual reality. This technology has been designed to provide a realistic sense of touch thanks to the use of haptic technology together with an impressive movement tracking capability. The SME is interested in getting in contact with investors for financial investments, IT companies active in the field of virtual reality for technical cooperation and final users for commercial agreements with technical assistance are sought.



A Spanish SME, active in the field of IT that creates and develops stunning hardware solutions for virtual reality has developed a wireless controller for virtual reality.

There are different approaches for transmitting “touch” but the Spansih SME has selected the best solution translating vibrations into touch sensations. Thus, there is an array of 10 specialized vibrotactile actuators which vibrate in a physiologically natural frequency in order to be interpreted as real touch for your brain

Some technical features of this innovation are:

1. Motion capture
This full upper-body tracking technology is based on a motion sensors minimal setup that can track the movements of chest, arms and hands with pinpoint accuracy.

2. Haptic feedback
This technology is built with an array of 10x vibrotactile actuators that vibrate in frequencies to which humans are naturally receptive to, so the brain accepts it as “real touch” input.

3. Sensor fusion
One 9-axis IMU (inertial measurement unit) is included in the mainboard in order to accurately gather rotation, acceleration and compass data which is then fused with an additional VR (virtual reality) tracking system for optimal tracking and latency.

4. Full finger tracking achieved by using 6x 9-AXIS IMUs.

5. Smart controller
This innovation is not only haptics gloves based but also a smart controller. The glove has conductive zones that enables users to trigger specific actions within any chosen scenario.

6. Drift correction
Near zero drift experience (NZDE) to users, which means it can be repeated the same gestures and freely experiment with the virtual environment without any significant error accumulation.

7. Ultra-Low Latency thanks to the high end microprocessor

8. Full occlusion survivor
This technology doesn’t rely only on optical tracking technology but on IM (inertial measurement).

The Spanish SME is interested in getting in contact with several type of partners for different type of agreements:

a) Technical cooperation is sought with electronics devices manufacturers.

b) Financial agreements with investors

c) Commercial agreements with tehcnical assistance with final users from areas like gaming, robotics, cultural heritage, tourism, e-health, indistry 4.0

Advantages & innovations

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Advantages - It can simultaneously connect up to 7 devices by Bluetooth or by cable connection, limited to the maximum of the computer capability when wireless communications are not possible or reliable. - It is not limited to run under PC connection. It can work with most of the mobile devices like Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard and Google Daydream, using a Bluetooth connection. Innovations - Disruptive concept in virtual reality: "Extended Virtual Reality" - Technical capability to offer up to 1 ms sampling rate (1KHz). - Compatibility with the most famous virtual reality head-mounted display (VR HMD) like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and OSVR HDK. This technology can be combined with any of the VR HMD in the market, so instead of using their controllers it can be used this technology to perform natural interactions in VR.

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Already on the market

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Type of partner or collaborators: Investors, electronics devices manufacturers,final users (gaming, industry, robotics, cultural heritage, e-health...). Role of the partners The role to be performed will depend on the type of partner: a) Technical cooperation is sought with electronic devices manufacturing companies. They would contribute with their technology and know-how to industrial manufacture of haptic gloves achieving high quality standards and reducing costs. b) Finals users would provide their specific needs for a right implementation of the technology. The Spanish SME would implement the technology and provide technical support for a right use. c) Investors would contribute financially to develop faster internal projects oriented to improve and upgrade the technology. This would also help to disseminate the technology with a more ambitious marketing plan.