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An advertising and public relations agency offers resources subcontracting or outsourcing production.

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A German advertising and public relations agency with focus on technical products offers its resources for subcontracting or outsourcing production. The agency offers a very wide range of services. These include print advertising, corporate design and public relations. The agency's special focus is on products and services that require explanation.



The German advertising and public relations agency is specialized in customers with technical products. Its full service ranges from the classic promotional tools like corporate design, press releases and brochures to the translation (esp. English, Dutch) and intercultural adapting of existing campaigns and texts to the German market. Another focus is the strategic establishment and utilization of contacts to the media and professional magazines.

The company offers print advertising in corporate design, brochures, business stationery, catalogues, interesting direct mail and much more. The aim of the company is to help other companies to create unique digital advertisements, which are not subject to excessive stimulation by the customer and which do not disappear in the spam folder. The company's target group are other companies that are looking for advertising support. They also rely on print products to invite, inform and inspire customers. The agency is particularly strong in corporate design, concepts, implementation and realisation of print advertising of all kinds. A special focus is on the advertising of products, services and cultural institutions that require explanation. The agency specialises in presenting these products in an appealing way with no lack of information for the customer.

In order to make use of its competence for the expanding of its international activities the agency is looking for partners who are interested in subcontracting or outsourcing. This can also be done on a project basis.
In order to expand internationally, the company is looking for partners to subcontract certain services. This should be done especially with regard to new markets.
Alternatively, services can also be outsourced in order to have the opportunity to expand and to enter international markets.

Partners can benefit from each other’s experiences and know-how.

The agency is interested in a long-term partnership. With efficient marketing tools, Agetur's employees want to ensure that your markets are always supplied with gripping advertising, interesting press reports, strong sales documents and online campaigns.

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The German agency offers the full range of advertising and public relations services. It disposes of long-time experience with foreign non-German customers. Thus it can provide all information and services companies need to enter the German or international markets and to start a business. The company has many years of experience in advertising and press. Services and techniques are constantly adapted to the latest technologies and standards. With a special focus on products and services requiring explanation, the agency clearly distinguishes itself from the competition. Furthermore, it offers a very wide range of services. This includes everything from platform advertising via corporate design to public relations and press work.

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Potential partner should be interested seriously in German or international market activities within the field of technical Products.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500