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Aerial data collection and hydrogen conversion services for joint ventures, outsourcing and subcontracting cooperation

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Hybrid and Electric Vehicles
Remote sensing technology
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Industrial measurement and sensing equipment
Machine vision software and systems
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Estonian based SME is operating with bespoke EU-made highly customisable and capable long endurance hydrogen drones with flight endurance of 1-2 hours for demanding tasks and operations. They are open for joint ventures for R&D projects around designing new solutions involving hydrogen technologies. Additionally, they can be subcontracted for aerial data services or outsourced for hydrogen conversions of air or land vehicles.



Established in 2017, was the first company in Europe to release a commercial hydrogen drone in 2018. It has since leveraged its experience and know-how to custom next-gen LiDAR survey payloads, hydrogen integrations, consultancy and its vision is to create a carbon neutral environment of drone based services for Smart regions of the future.

Organisations that have lacked the tools to conduct efficient aerial operations in demanding environments can leverage the next generation technologies by subcontracting the service. The company can provide aerial data and intelligence services for a number of applications where long flight endurance is required.

Company's extensive know-how in hydrogen technologies and integrations allow for outsourcing tailor-made solutions for conversion of customer's air or land vehicles to hydrogen to unlock their carbon neutral potential.

Partners looking to co-develop new solutions or upgrade their existing ones are welcome to discuss joint venture potential.

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* PEM Hydrogen Fuel cells became mature and miniaturised enough to be used on drones in ~2017, the year where Company started its development for a hydrogen powered drone. * Refuelling hydrogen drones or other vehicles takes just 1-5 minutes (instead of ~30+ minutes for batteries) thus minimising the down-time. * Refuelling can be conducted without access to the electrical grid meaning activities in remote locations or disaster response can be greatly simplified * Hydrogen technologies are fully green without emissions or any extra heat, vibration or noise signatures providing a large advantage over similarly long endurance petrol drones or vehicles * Due to a high energy density a compact form factor can be kept * Hydrogen tech is not restricted by IATA regulations as the on-board hybrid battery is normally less than 99Wh * With long endurance and enhanced capabilities operations which previously required manned aviation can be replaced or complemented * It's possible to use fuel cells as a back-up power generator to charge other equipment. * Hydrogen has the versatility to be also generated on the field through various means. * On-Board processing (Nvidia Xavier NX) allows to run multiple machine learning / AI algorithms for custom functionalities and missions * The drone is LTE enabled by default and can be controlled remotely from anywhere in the world, radio & SatCom are available as fall-backs. * Aerial data collection using hydrogen drones can be conducted 3+ times more efficiently compared to battery drones due to increased flight time and reduced down-time. * Company has numerous partners for additional data processing and insight generation

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Already on the market

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Looking for Industry as well as R&D partners requiring aerial data services for their projects and/or custom contracting of hydrogen conversions for their air or land vehicles. Both outsourcing as well as subcontracting activities can be discussed. Joint venture agreements are available for specific deeper R&D projects around designing new solutions around hydrogen technologies (aerial applications preferred).

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SME 11-50,University,Inventor,R&D Institution,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500