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Agents and distributors of infant formula and ice-cream made from 100% pure fresh goat milk are requested by a Cypriot company.

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A Cypriot company, which is the inventor and exporter of its products (infant formula and ice-cream made from goat milk) is looking for partners under exclusive commercial agency and distribution services agreements. Potential agents and distributors from EU countries and beyond are requested to represent, import and sell the Cypriot company’s products in their countries.



The Cypriot company, which was established in 2015, is engaged in the trading and export of infant formula (powder) and ice-cream made from 100% pure fresh goat milk.
Infant formula is produced by a factory in Sweden while ice-cream in Cyprus, both under licensed manufacturing agreements. The Cypriot company is the inventor of the products and grants manufacturers the right to produce its products.
The infant formula is offered in three stages, all in 400g packages: for infants 0-6 months (no sugar added), 6-12 months, and 1-3 years old. The infant formula is very easy to digest and can reduce pain from stomach colics.
The annual production of the infant formula is 15 tons. The production capacity of the company is unlimited.
The ice-cream is offered in 0,5L packaging (family pack) and in four flavours: chocolate, vanilla, rose, and strawberry. It is healthy and tasty as well.

The company’s products line also includes other 100% goat milk products:
• fresh goat milk (semi-skimmed 1.6% fat pasteurized and homogenised)
• halloumi cheese (authentic Cypriot white cheese)
• yogurt in two flavours (sour, sweet)
• halitzi – authentic Cypriot white cheese
• grated mature halloumi cheese

For the production of the company's products, the pure fresh goat milk is collected and transported to the company's facility on a daily basis from local farms. The milk originates from goats fed on vegetable feed.
The fresh goat milk has more advantages than the cow milk. The goat milk is more digestible, it has more common elements with human milk, it is better tolerated by people with allergies, its proteins are more digestible, and it contains more calcium, vitamin B6, vitamin A, niacin, copper, and selenium than the cow milk. Also, the goat milk contains ingredients that help significantly in good brain function, and it contains minimal amounts of casein therefore it is associated with fewer allergies. Further, the goat milk contains less lactose than the cow milk and it is more tolerable for people suffering from lactose intolerance.
It is scientifically proven that goat milk tends to help children stay more satisfied between meals and sleep better at night.

Τhe company’s products are compliant with EU food legislation, are produced under high standards and accredited with quality assurance of ISO 9001, UKAS001, and HALAL certificate. Also, the products are accredited with Health Certificate from the Health Services.

The Cypriot company is interested in growing its network and increasing its sales potential of its infant formula and ice-cream products. Therefore, it is looking for exclusive agents and distributors from EU countries and beyond in the frame of exclusive commercial agency and distribution services agreements. Potential partners should represent and resell the company’s products in their local markets.

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The company is already engaged in trans-national cooperation with companies from Sweden, Greece, Estonia, and China. The company’s products are accredited with quality assurance of ISO9001, UKAS001, HALAL and with Health Certificate from the Health Services. The products are all checked by the quality control laboratory. The products do not contain any known allergens, other than milk. Strict implementation of Cypriot and EU legislation. The products comply with the effective laws of the states where they are distributed and to the requirements of the Cypriot company’s customers. Non-use of genetically modified feedstuffs by the cooperating livestock farmers. Implementation of all relevant Good Practice Standards and Good Business Practices in customer service. Availability of all necessary resources and means required for the proper, efficient and effective operation of the quality management system. Continuing education of personnel members. Creation of a high-tech professional working environment, which encourages all company staff to continuously improve.

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Potential partners should be exclusive agents and distributing companies who would be interested in representing and selling the Cypriot company's products (infant formula, ice-cream) to their clienteles. Potential distributors should be supermarket chains, hypermarkets, and trading companies that supply pharmacies, etc. Potential partners should be experienced companies with economic growth, well-organised distribution network and existing customer bases. They should also ensure prepayment procedure, bank warranty, and have a well-structured marketing plan. They should also be interested in long term business partnership with the Cypriot company.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250,>500