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Agents or joint venture partners sought for selling of software solutions in hospitality sector made by company from Bosnia and Herzegovina

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A Bosnia and Herzegovina based ICT company is looking for agents or joint venture partners to sell their point-of-sale and reservation management software solutions for hotel, restaurant and café (HoReCa) sector.



The ICT company from Bosnia and Herzegovina develops specialized point of sale (POS) software solutions for hotel, restaurant and café (HoReCa) sector. The company was founded in 2004 and has 70+ employees.

Apart from solutions for HoReCa sector, the company also offers fiscal cash register systems, and some of the biggest clients of these products are UniCredit Bank, Raiffeisen Bank, retail chains in the Balkans region (Konzum and Mercator).

The company is looking to expand into markets of Western and Central Europe and North and Central America.

The main features of the HoReCa software solution are:
• POS software - dedicated POS software for retail and restaurants and with the same backoffice, which is a unique feature. It enables integration for shops and restaurants which are a part of the same company.
• Tablets/smartphones app – an app for waiters to send orders directly to the bar and the kitchen monitors/displays.
• Kitchen display – real-time displaying of orders to the kitchen staff. When meal is done, waiter gets the notification to pick it up and serve it (notification includes table number).
• Floor view – layout of enumerated tables in the restaurant/café which facilitates replacement and shift changes of waiters and thus eliminates detailed instructions of tables plan.
• Reservation system – tables can be reserved to a specific person’s name and at the specific time.
• Analysis app – a powerful and user-friendly app that provides all reports from POS software to a mobile phone.
• Hotel software – an app that manages all hotel/hostel/motel rooms, inventory, expenses, etc. and is connected to POS software for easy sharing of information.
• TouchME app – bar code or near field communication (NFC) unit on tables for guests to place direct orders with their smartphones by scanning a bar code ticket or using NFC code.
• Parking software – easy managing of parking with predefined hourly, daily and weekly rates.

The company is looking for partners for commercial agency agreement. The company will offer:
- continuous training for partner's staff,
- full client support 24/7,
- sales and marketing support.

The company seeks also partners for joint venture. The company will offer:
- full end client support 24/7,
- training of partner's sales and support staff,
- marketing materials and campaigns,
- sales strategies development and support,
- know how transfer.

Advantages & innovations

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Company has an experienced development team which continuously brings in improvements and innovation in their products. All projects are managed using agile project management (Scrum) methodology. The company is already recognized as suitable and reliable partner with 950+ clients from HoReCa sector (with 10.000+ active client licenses). This software solution is versatile, flexible and customizable, and enables real-time transfer of information between staff (waiters, kitchen staff, bartenders, etc.) which reduces waiting time up to 30%.

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Already on the market

Partner sought

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Type of partner sought (but not necessarily limited to): ICT or HoReCa industry Activities: - vendor of ICT products and services, - supplier of products or services in HoReCa sector, - ICT development/consulting company with compatible portfolio of products. Prospective partner should either possess client base from HoReCa sector or have an ambition to enter into that market. In commercial agency agreement, the role of the partner would be identification and acquisition of clients in target markets and assistance in localization of the software. In joint venture agreement, the role of the partner would be staffing setup, sales and marketing strategy, billing and assistance in localization of the software .

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250,>500