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Agents sought for Spanish technological platform for public administrations to communicate with citizens

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The Spanish platform is avaiable for public administrators, allowing them to streamline the incident management process by integrating all departments within a municipality. The system creates a multidirectional communication channel among citizens, elected officials and city employees, under a cloud-based service that uses the latest technologies in order to offer the best access tool to each group of users. The company seeks a services or commercial agency agreement.



The system developed by an Andalusian company (Spain) receives all incidents introduced via various platforms, allowing the centralization of the management process of all departments. It allows detailed reports of all incidents to be viewed and edited, regardless of the way they were entered into the system. These reports include images, location, description, status and resolution costs of all incidents.
All data associated with the incidents are processed and the system generates reports that contain valuable information for politicians and staff: maintenance costs by district, anomalies in the detection of incidents, average resolution times and resident satisfaction with the services provided.
The residents web is a personalized web page that residents can use to enter incidents directly from the municipalities web page. It is a tool that allows residents to
be involved in the improvement of their city and at the same time, make them conscious of the importance of maintaining and respecting municipal equipment and facilities.
The system consists on an App too that allows residents to communicate incidents directly from the place where the incident is located. It also allows City Employees access to the platform when they are working in the field. There are versions of this app for iOS and Android.

The company wants to expand abroad, and for this purpose it is looking for some of the previously mentioned agreements with mainly European companies. The expectation of the agreement is to make a good colaboration with other companies.

The company seeks the following cooperation:
-Services agreement: to sell licences of the software or to provide services to the clients trough the software.
-Commercial agency agreement: to sell the software under commission.

Advantages & innovations

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This is a service that is in continuous evolution. Any new concept which can improve the service is immediately incorporated into the platform. These improvements are dictated by new technological advances, by the experience and recommendations of the users and by the knowledge of various professional fields. Currently, the RDI (Research, Development and Innovation) Program is focused on: Technology The mission of the RDI team is to identify new technologies that can be incorporated into the service. The company is now working in the integration of technologies such as Augmented Reality (a live, direct or indirect, view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data) or remote control drones with cameras for the detection of incidents in hard to reach places, etc. Operation This was originally conceived as a tool to manage incidents on public roads. As the service kept growing, there had been incorporated new features that resulted in new uses of the service. This is such a flexible system that often the users are the ones who start giving the service a new twist. Examples are the actual use for domestic violence control and prevention or Code Enforcement. Knowledge The requirements of public administrators force the enterprise to do continuous innovation of the offered services in order to improve the quality of life of residents. This innovation is not only technological, but encompass concepts such as communication, sociology, statistics, urban planning and design.

Partner sought

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The company seeks for enterprises that work for the public administrations, governments and responsibles of citizen communication and participation that want to improve incident management and transparency by implementing this system. These enterprises could have several different profiles: Cleaning service, lawn maintenance and green spaces, transport, infrastructures, etc. The objective is a services or commercial agency agreement (via comissions).