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Albanian company producing, gathering and packaging medicinal plants is looking for distribution services agreement

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An Albanian family company is specialized in cultivation and processing a number of medicinal and aromatic plants. The company exports dried plants, such as lavender, salvia officinalis, lemon verbena, rosa canina, oregano, blueberry, coriander to customers in pharmaceutical, beauty and food sectors in Austria ,Hungary, Greece, Germany and Serbia. They are offering commercial and distribution agreements to partners dealing already with complementary health/medicinal products.



This is an Albanian company which produced, gathered and packaged medicinal and aromatic plants since 2014. The company has a long family history with its main activities producing, gathering and packing medicinal plants through the process of collecting medicinal plants in dry state.
These dry plants are under the in a natural way through the qualitative control of experts passing in different processes, such as cleaning, pressing and packing in bags. During the years the company activity has improved the modes of processing medicinal plants, has invested in drying and processing lines that preserve content and quality of aromatic compounds in aromatic plants and separate the product in different fractions. Through the
processes, the company has increased value of its products and it securely fulfills clients´ expectations as for high quality standards. Currently major of its exports are in Austria, Hungary, Greece, Germany and Serbia.
Thanks to the innovative technology and to the modern and efficient productive system, the company provides to the customers a wide range of products. Through this process the company aims to increase its exports and and expand in new markets.
The main products (plants) that the company uses:
1. Sideritis syriaca
2. Tilia officinalis
3. Sambucus nigra
4. Lavandula angustifolia
5. Calendula officinalis
6 Trifolium pratence
7. Achillea millefolium
8. Malva Sylvestris
9. Origanum vulgare
10. Coriandrium Sativum
11. Vaccinium myrtillus
12. Rosa canina
13. Vitex agnus castus
14. Salvia officinalis etc.
It exports in Austria ,Hungary, Greece, Germany, Serbia
The company has increased through the years the quality of its products. They are offering commercial and distribution agreements.

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Main advantages aspects of the company and its products are: - modern factory of 1300 meter square, - more than 100 reference on medicinal herbs and plants, - fast delivery of products in Europe, - flexibility in the implementation of orders-quantities and varieties.

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The company is looking for commercial agreements with companies operating in the following sectors: pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food supplements. Also, they are looking for a distribution agreement with companies with experience in distributing medical herbs and related products.


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Austria, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Serbia, USA