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An Albanian company specialised in the market of herbs (medicinal and aromatics dried wild plants) and spices is looking for a distribution partner.

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Located right in the center of Albania, the company has been dealing in the market of herbs (medicinal and aromatics dried wild plants) and spices since 1991, with a management experience of over 50 years and consistency from the old state-owned herb and spice company, now fully renovated. This company is looking for distribution partners especially in Portugal, Russia, Finland, Austria and Japan.



The Albanian company, established in Tirane, in 1991, in the food services field, extended its restaurant activities by cultivating and processing of aromatic herbs and chilies, first for its own food production and later, for the larger distribution on the local and international market.

This company owns the equipment and the recipes, produces the raw materials and final products, in order to be delivered to the final user.
The main products that the company offer are
- dry herbs, such as: basil, marjoram, spearmint, parsley, dill, celery, fennel, lemon grass, tarragon and coriander;
- dehydrated chilies;
- Various types of chili powder (sweet, hot, smoked);
- Chili paste;
- Tomato paste.
They are looking for long term partnership agreement which can be fruitful for both companies.
They are looking for a distribution partner especially in Portugal, Russia, Finland, Austria, and Japan.

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The Albanian company is experienced in the organic production of aromatic herbs and chilies, (the herbs are not pesticide treated); The production chain is fully controlled, from cultivating to exporting (full tractability); The company trades more than 250 kinds of wild herbs;

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Already on the market

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The company is looking for reliable and long term partner in field of distribution. The potential partner should be reliable to be active as distributor to distribute their products abroad, with extensive logistic and distributive network all over the country in order products to reach the final costumers.

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SME 11-50


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Austria, Finland, Japan, Portugal, Russia