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Albanian producer of extra virgin olive oil offers its products under distribution services agreement

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This Albanian company, with a 30 year experience in producing extra virgin olive oil, seeks distributors to cooperate under a distribution services agreement.



Founded in 1992 in Albania, it is a factory located in an industrial area in Vaqarr, Tirana.
It produces olive oil of different kinds such as extra virgin olive oil, virgin olive oil, non filter olive oil and olive pomace oil by processing olives that are stored in a warehouse in a different city.

Company's products:
- Extra virgin olive oil is obtained from the cold-pressed process and then filtered. The olives which are used to produce this kind of olive oil are green and were harvested on November and December.
- Virgin olive oil is earned from the cold-pressed process where acidity is not more than 1.8. For the round bottle acidity is 0.7 and for the quadratic bottle acidity is 0.4.
- Olive pomace oil is earned from the pomace oil with extra virgin olive oil.
The producer chooses the fruits from the olive groves and tests them in their olive-oil press with cold-extraction.
Subsequently, the products are stored in stainless-steel tanks and packaged using the most sophisticated equipment, always in accordance with the European Union Regulations.

All products are controlled by its own laboratory and state laboratory. This control makes its products to be exported in many countries in Europe and America. However they still want to enlarge its export and expand activity in European market.

The company is seeking distributors, to work under a distribution services agreement.

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Olive oil's quality is checked in both own and state-owned laboratories. Products are stored in stainless steel tanks and packaged using the most sophisticated equipment. The company continues to invest in new technologies and puts emphasis on the process of collecting olives in order to make their products to be of high quality and tasty.

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This Albanian olive oil producer is looking for a distribution services agreement with an experienced European company that will buy the products from Albania, and sell them in European markets. The Albanian company is willing to supply its partner with products according to their specific requests.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250


100% natural extra virgin olive oil