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Albanian producer of fresh vegetables seeks distributors.

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This is an Albanian private company which develops its activity in the field of agriculture (production of fresh vegetables in protected areas and open field and, wholesale of fresh vegetables in Albania and abroad). It aims to become one of the leading producers and exporters of fresh and healthy vegetables. That's why nowadays is looking for partners to negotiate under distribution services agreement.



Founded in Lushnja, Albania, the company operates in the production of fresh and vegetables. Since its founder had dare to undertake, it has set up the largest greenhouses in the country with an extension of 10 hectares, 5 hectares of tunnels for and 13 hectares of open field. Total farm surface is 28 hectares and is placed in one of the most productive soils in Albania, the Myzeqe region.
Greenhouse type: Vertical roof Vent - 9.6 m
Greenhouse Dimensions
Gutter Base height 4.0 m
Gable span 9.6 m
Balcony width 2.5 m
Maximum height ~6.4 m
Gable front length 6 x 9.6m + 2 x 2.5m = 62.6 meter
Gutter front length 19 x 4 = 76 meter
Total Covered Area 4,758 m2
Designed for: Wind speed: 122 km/h*,
Trellising load of 25kg/m2,
Rain flow 80mm/h
As of June 2016, the company has fulfilled all the requirement in production for a organic and safer production of cucumber ( Triumph F1 and Charisma). Currently it is the only Albanian company Global Gap Certified in production of melon, tomatoes and cucumbers. The company is implementing the most advanced technology as well as setting a new standard in the country in this regard.
It is already engaged in cooperation with international wholesalers and supermarket chains mostly in countries such as Macedonia, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania.
The company is part of one of the leading investing companies in the region, one of the most successful and most important businesses in Albania and one of the most active Groups in South East Europe. All the companies part of this group represent a success story in itself, being the leader of the relevant sector. As the Group is always on the implementation of innovative ideas it is creating successful businesses, but also offering the Albanian and regional markets a solid benchmark to be followed. Nowadays this group is also considered one of the few Albanian businesses that have managed to be successful and competitive even outside the country.

In order to expand their market, the company is looking for partners which are specialized in the agriculture sector to export fresh vegetables of the Albanian company. The company is looking for a network of wholesale buyers and importers, which have got access in international markets, to conclude the distribution services agreement. Within the framework of the distribution services agreement, foreign partners should arrange sales of products through their networks.

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- Automatic and computerized climate system - Gothic style greenhouses constructed with the latest technology. - Dripping irrigation system and climate control system of the greenhouses. - Packaging and product standardisation line -The company has experience in foreign market

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Already on the market

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The Albanian company is looking for wholesale buyers and importers, which have got access in international markets, to be engaged in distribution services agreement. The Albanian partner would provide the products and the foreign partner would ensure their distribution among foreign markets.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


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