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Albanian producer of organic grains and certified seeds seeks distributors and agents

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Crop Production
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The Albanian company has organic farmlands in the cleanest region in Albania and offers organic grains and certified seeds, such as wheat, durum, spelt, barley, oats, fodder radish, etc. The company wishes to establish cooperation with business partners on the basis of a distribution services agreement and/or commercial agency agreement.



A Albanian company created in 2000, is specialized in production and sale of seeds and grains.
The firm operates in organic farming by using the production methods as defined and regulated by European Law. The company has ecological farmlands located in Tirana.
Its production is mainly done by using organic certified seeds, crop rotation techniques, natural fertilizers.
The company produces:
organic grain:
- wheat,
- durum,
- spelt,
- barley,
- rye,
- oats,
- buckwheat,
Certified Seeding Material:
- grass
- clover
- scorpionweed
- mustard
- fodder radish
The company delivers its products by road transport in bulk, in big-bags and in smaller packages (20 kg, 50 kg).
The minimum order quantity is 24 tons.
The firm has a certificate of organic farming allowing for trading in organic goods. The employees of the company have the state authority of an organic inspector, they have accredited qualifiers of seed plantations, accredited samplers. The company regularly takes part in international trade fairs.
The company operates dynamically in Albania and cooperates with business partners in Itali, Greece.
Currently, the company wants to increase its sales and establish new contacts with business partners in Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Norway, and. Sweden.
The company will establish cooperation with distributors and agents on the basis of a distribution services agreement and/or commercial agency agreement, who has an extensive customer network and can reach seed centres, mills, malt houses, etc.

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- high-quality products; - certified organic grains; - comprehensive services; - the possibility of delivering goods all over Europe; - customization of the packaging to customer requirements; - completion of any formalities;

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Already on the market

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The company would like to establish cooperation with business partners from Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Norway and Sweden. It is interested in cooperation with partners who will distribute its products. Distributors should have an extensive network of contacts and reach mills, malt houses, seed centers, etc. It is also possible to cooperate with trade intermediaries, whose task will be to represent the products of the Albanian company among potential clients. The company expects from potential business partners favorable conditions of cooperation and effectiveness in sales.

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SME 11-50


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Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden