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Architecture and design studio seeks partners under outsourcing agreements

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Romanian architecture and design studio seeks partners specialized in architectural design, product design, 3D manufacturing, branding and leisure projects, in order to conclude outsourcing agreements.



Established in the North-West of Romania, the young architecture and design studio combines a set of detail-focused and skilled professionals.

The already-successful projects of the Romanian company cover various fields: private homes, office buildings, cafes, bars & bistros, pubs, city halls, dental clinics, mountain retreats, hotels, apartment buildings, castles, contemporary backyards, cars, motorcycles, steam locomotives, household appliances, jewellery etc.

The team worked together with European (Sweden, France, Germany, Italy) and Non-European clients (Dubai, Abu Dhabi) in projects related to music festivals, thematic parks, adventure parks, car races, tourism attractions etc.

Thus, the company is looking for partners who could offer:
*Architectural Design:
*Product Design:
*3D Manufacturing:
*Experimental projects, personal artistic ideas, new techniques.

With international work experience, the Romanian company is interested in concluding outsourcing agreements with European and non-European partners who would like to join the team and can offer one of the services the Romanian company has in the portfolio.

Advantages & innovations

Cooperation plus value: 
Being passionate about architecture, product design, and visual amenity, the Romanian team has the following advantages: *previous experience in: product design (SolidWorks,3DS Max, V-ray, MatchMover, KeyShot), image manipulation (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe LightRoom, Sketchbook Pro), practical skills (Auto esthetics, Polish, Restoration), video editing (Adobe AfterEffectsSonyVegas), graffiti, event photography, interior design. *previous experience in 3D models with high-precision measurable accuracy; *deliver clear, accurate CAD plans and detailed drawings from point clouds for architects, engineers, and construction firms, in a variety of BIM software platforms; *on-time delivery of projects with the expected results and can provide 24/7 expert assistance on any project.

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought

Cooperation sought: 
The partners sought should have the following expertise: *3D Visualization - Virtual Tours (360 renderings, photos or videos; residential tours; business tours); *3D Photogrammetry - High-Resolution 3D Scans (model optimization, remodelling, 3D documentation, detail drawings, client support). *3D visualization; *3D Animation - Video Animation (3D models, residential or business property); *3D Modelling (high-quality 3D models; model optimization; remodelling; 3D animations; 3D documentation; detail drawings; client support). *G-Codes (high poly models that are production-ready; model optimization; custom independent slices; G-Codes for individual parts, assemblies or whole model; client support); *CNC Routing: door carvings, interior, and exterior decorations, wood panels, signboards, wooden frames, mouldings, musical instruments or furniture; material billing lists, custom furniture, refurbishing; custom models; model optimization; client support. Clothing: unique designs; personalization; canvases; client support; artistic perspective; CAD software skills. *Logo design: complete branding; re-branding; animations; monograms; hand-crafted designs; customer support; brand promotion; sales support; *Advertising: business cards; banner design; brochure design; poster design; book cover design; visual effects; 2D with 3D manipulation artworks.

Partner sought

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The Romanian company is looking for outsourcing agreements with European and non-European companies. The suitable partners sought are specialized in architectural design, product design, 3D manufacturing, branding and leisure projects. Outsourcing agreements sought - it is expected that the Romanian company to outsource some architectural services to sought partner.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500