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Armenian company, specialized in queue management systems, is looking for outsourcing agreements

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The Armenian company is offering a flow management and employee monitoring solution that helps businesses to effectively control queues and improve staff efficiency. The company is offering its solutions under an outsourcing agreement.



This Armenian company which was founded in 2015 is a spin-off of a company that has been the leader of the Armenian queue management systems market since 2008. The company offers a cloud-based platform that helps to plan, organize, optimize, and monitor customer flow using hardware or through already existing hardware. The system is composed of two main components: a mobile platform and queuing software. Both are web-based and supported by cloud technology (Microsoft Azure). Consequently, there is no need for physical servers and other programs to be installed in the branches using queue management.
The company's mobile platform (for both iOS and Android) enables everyone to book their spot in a queue for the desired time and be served without waiting – comfortably from anywhere. The mobile application allows clients to make appointments, choose time and location without even visiting or phoning a branch. The price of the software depends on the functionalities and configurations chosen by the company. The innovative solution of the company has already been used by more than 200 service centers all over the world. The potential clients of the company are leading banks, financial and international organizations, companies operating in healthcare, medical and public service sectors in Armenia.
The company has agreements in Belarus, Ethiopia, Panama, Georgia, and Russia. Currently, the company wants to expand its sales worldwide and therefore is looking for cooperation service under the outsourcing agreement for the companies which are interested in the product the Armenian company offers.

Advantages & innovations

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- The company has developed an independent platform; - The system works with or without hardware; - The company is sustainable and environmentally friendly; - The system helps both businesses and their customers to save time and money; - The system fee is being paid on a monthly basis and there is no need for prepayments or other initial investments; - The company is already engaged in transnational cooperation; -The products/services offered by the company have relatively competitive prices in the EU market.

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Already on the market

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Potential partners could be banks and financial organizations, companies operating in healthcare and medical sector that need to implement the system in their daily work as well as IT consulting companies, IT system installers, computer network support services which are working with automatic systems and other companies, interested in working with queue management systems and in the product the company offers. The potential partners are sought to order for the Armenian company the mentioned product/services under the outsourcing agreement.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500