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Armenian importer of frozen meat is looking for distribution services agreement and commercial agency agreement.

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The Armenian company is importing frozen meat and sells it in Armenia as a wholesaler and in own shops. Now the company is looking to find new distributors for frozen poultry in foreign markets. The company is interested to find new partners, who can provide deep frozen poultry under distribution services agreement or commercial agency agreement.



This Armenian company was founded on 2004 and since then
has become one of the leading importers of deep frozen poultry in Armenia. The company imports frozen poultry, other poultry products (MDM, MSM), chicken wings, breast, as well as frozen packaged whole chicken. The company has a refrigeration facility equipped with modern German refrigerators.

The company sells both retail and wholesale. The retail sale is realized in the company's own store. The company is well known in the Armenian market and efficiently cooperates with many local meat processing and catering companies on long-terms. The company already Imports frozen meat products from Brazil, Germany, Great Britain, Poland, Italy, the Netherlands and a number of other countries and is planning to expand the markets and find new partners in foreign countries under distribution services agreement or commercial agency agreement.

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The company has long time experience in the field and is already well known in the Armenian market. The company has well established logistics experience. The company has already well established cooperation with number of foreign meat processing and producing companies and is experienced in importing frozen meats both from America and EU. The company is very flexible in its cooperation policy and is ready to cooperate both under distribution services agreement or commercial agency agreement.

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The company is looking for partners specialized in production or processing of deep frozen poultry products

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The company is looking for deep frozen poultry producers, to cooperate under distribution services agreement. The company is also ready to become an agent and represent potential partners' production under commercial agency agreement.