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Armenian natural honey producer is looking for agents and distributors

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The company based in Armenian is specialized in the production of natural multi-floral honey. The company's production is already well known in the local market and the manufacturer wants to enter new foreign markets. The company offers to cooperate under a distribution services agreement or commercial agency agreement.



This Armenian company was established in 2008 and is producing natural poly-floral honey, made from carefully selected hives, that are rich and aromatic unsurpassed in flavor. This Armenian honey is produced from the lake Sevan mountains bursting wildflowers, which neither man, nor machine, nor chemicals has touched.
The main source of the honey is the various vivid flowers found in the region, that are containing numerous medicinal and beneficial properties. The production is free from antibiotics, pesticides and heavy metals and corresponds to Armenian and Eurasian Customs Union sanitary laws. The company's production is organic. Housing and movable cabins for squeezing of honey are provided with electricity, water, and other hygiene items and household items (kitchen utensils, disinfectants, etc.) Typically, bee colonies are located 5 km away from residential areas, factories, and highways. The distances from landfills and airports are also taken into account. The farm has a tendency of growth: up to a thousand bee colonies. The annual capacity of this company is 20-22 tones, which can be increased in the case of demand. The company offers honey in a bulk (in big jars). The production volumes depend on individual orders and the honey can be packed depending on the client’s offer.
The whole production process starting from the beekeeping to the honey production and packaging is done following all hygiene rules. The company is well equipped and realizes all production processes by own technical capabilities.
The company sells its products in the local market (supermarkets, specialized stores), as well as exports to Russia. Now the company is interested in establishing contacts with partners located in foreign countries in the framework of distribution services agreement and commercial agency agreement in order to obtain a bigger market share and expand their sales.

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- The production is free from antibiotics, pesticides and heavy metals, in spite of the fact that sanitary rules allow very small amounts of mentioned elements; - The parameters of sucrose, humidity, acidity, and others are among the best in the country; - The main advantage compared to other bee farms is in the provision of a quick shift and effective movement in the new fields, due to the gun carriages on which are installed the beehives; -The company's production is organic, as it is in the process of obtaining an organic certificate; -The production has very competitive prices as compared with similar products, available in the EU market; -The company is very flexible in its cooperation policy and provides bulk honey by clients' orders (in any size jars).

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Already on the market

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For distribution services agreement, the company is looking for potential partners such as wholesale and retail trade companies, companies engaged in the food sector or other private individuals interested in purchasing and distributing the company's products. As an expected result the company expects regular orders and the development of cooperation under the distribution services agreement. For commercial agency agreement, the company is looking for agents, whose role would be to promote the company's products and to establish business contacts.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500