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Armenian producer of aluminium caps is looking for manufacturing agreement

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The Armenian company is involved in the production of aluminum caps used in production of plastic or glass bottled water, mineral water, carbotanted drinks and juices. The company wants to expand its sales markets and is looking for a manufacturing agreement.



The Armenian company has started its operations only from May 2019 but has already demonstrated a marked increase in sales. Currently, it covers 95% of the Armenian market and exports to Georgia, Russia, and Emirates. The company produces aluminum caps for both glass and plastic bottles, that can be used in the production of water, mineral water, and carbonated drinks and juices. The producer’s factory is equipped with the latest machinery imported from Europe; the whole production process is organized in accordance with the European and International standards. All the raw materials used by the manufacturer, such as aluminum and plastic are imported exclusively from European countries such as France, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland. The producer has HACCP, ISO 22000 certificates. The company's current production capacity is 15 mln units per month but in case of increased orders, the company can increase its production capacity up to 25mln unit per month. The manufacturer offers very competitive prices in Europe. The company's product is 80% recyclable and can be used as secondary raw material. The producer wants to expand its sales markets and is highly interested in the EU market. The company is ready to sell its product both as a finished product (without partners logo) as well as customized to the clients' requests (logos, symbols, pictures) on the caps. The manufacturer has 256,000 variety of available colors and can print 6 colors at the same time. The company is looking for producers of glass or plastic bottled water, mineral water, carbonated drinks or juice producers who are interested in purchasing the high-quality aluminum caps under manufacturing agreement.

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• Although the company was founded in 2019, it already covers 95% of the Armenian market and has exported to Russia, Georgia, and Emirates; • The company's equipment and raw-material used in production is imported exclusively from European countries; • The company's production meets all European and international standards: the company has HACCP, ISO22000, and ISO9000 certificates. At the same time the company offers very competitive prices; • The company's product can be used in secondary production; it has 80% recyclability. • The company is very flexible in its cooperation policy and can produce closures with the potential partner's logos or other required info.

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The company is looking for producers of plastic or glass bottled water, mineral water (with gas without) as well as producers of juices who are interested to order from the Armenian company aluminum cups and purchase the company's caps under manufacturing agreement.

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