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Armenian producer of beverages and canned food is looking for distribution services or commercial agency agreements

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An Armenian company produces fruit compotes, juices, alcoholic drinks, jams, marmalade, and a wide range of preserved vegetables, marinades made of natural, organic fruits, berries, and vegetables grown in sunny Armenia. The company doesn't use any dyes, preservatives and stabilizers in its products. This company is looking for distribution services or commercial agency agreements.



This Armenian company produces a wide range of canned food and beverages. In particular, the company produces fruit compotes, juices, and jams, as well as pickled vegetables. The company doesn't use any dyes, preservatives, stabilizers in its products and uses only high quality, organic fruits (apricot, peach, cherry, fig, etc.), berries (coriander, blackberry, etc.), and vegetables (tomato, cucumber, etc.) grown in Armenia.

The company has been acting in the Armenian market since 2002. The production of this company is presented in big chain stores of Armenia. The company also exports its products to the USA, Russia, Iran, United Arabic Emirates, as well as EU member states - the Czech Republic and Bulgaria.
To expand the sales market, the company is looking for foreign distributors and agents to cooperate under distribution services agreement or commercial agency agreement. The potential partners are sought to support the Armenian company to enter into new foreign markets and sell its product abroad.

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- The company does not use dyes, preservatives, stabilizers in its products. - It uses so-called gentle pasteurization in the process of production, which allows keeping useful natural properties of fruits, berries and vegetables, vitamins, minerals, and trace elements. - The water the company uses is taken exclusively from the purest alpine sources, which ensures excellent taste and delicate aroma of the processed products. - The company was awarded the following nominations: "Natural and Organic Award Europe 2016", "Best new organic product". - The company has applied for an "Organic certificate in food" and will obtain it soon.

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Distributors of food products are sought to distribute and sell the company's products in foreign supermarkets, food chain stores, and food boutiques under the distribution services agreement. Agents are sought to represent the company's products in foreign markets under the commercial agency agreement.




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