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An Armenian producer of different types of natural zeolite products is looking for distributors

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This Armenian company is specialized in production of different types of natural, modified/activated, as well as bacteria enriched zeolite products. This is an innovative and perspective product in this field of industry that can be used in construction, medicine, agriculture, and other spheres. The company is looking for a distribution services agreement.



The Armenian company was established in 2014. The manufacturer offers natural zeolite products. Zeolite is a mineral extracted from the mines of the Nor Koghb community, located in the north of Armenia. The plant, where the product undergoes further processing, is also located in the north of Armenia.
Zeolite is applied in the following areas:
- In agriculture, as an improvement of fertilizer and feed additive;
- For wastewater/saline water treatment;
- In construction as a cement additive,
- In a number of innovative spheres of medicine,
- In other spheres.
High-grade crystalline zeolite extracted from the mines belonging to the company is processed in a factory in the north of Armenia.
In order to be used as a catalyst and adsorbent, the products produced by the first stage are further modified to be used as a filter for odor absorption, radioactive wastes cleaning, as well as for wastewater treatment.
In the advanced form, for the ion exchange and cleaning function, a special type of bacteria is also used, for which the medium can be zeolite of a very small fraction.
The main current market of the company is the local market: the company's product is sold in specialized stores. At the same time the company exports product to Russia, Iran, and Egypt.
The company is looking for a distribution services agreement as they want to expand their sales in foreign markets.

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-The product is not harmful to the environment; -The product of the company both in terms of quality and price is highly competitive to other similar products relevant to the market. -The innovation this product brings to market includes but is not limited to the following factors: - It is an effective way to get organic fertilizers in case of a granulated application with turf, bird feces, - It is possible to obtain artificial zeolite with the use of natural zeolite, but the latter has higher adsorption facilities, - Production of bacteria enriched zeolite production, etc.

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The company is looking to cooperate with distributors of products used in agriculture, medicine, wastewater/saline water treatment, and other spheres under a distribution services agreement. The potential partner is expected to sell the company's product in the foreign market.