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Armenian producer of fruit jams and juices, as well as chocolate coated dried fruits, is looking for distributors

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This Armenian company is involved in production of 3 types of natural fruit juices and 7 types of jams, 7 types of compotes, as well as 2 types of chocolates with dried fruits. The company is already engaged in trans-national cooperation, as is exporting to Russia and France. Now the company is looking for new sales markets abroad under the distribution services agreement.



This Armenian company was established in 2009. The company is specialized in the sector of sugar-free fruit juices, compotes, jams, as well as chocolate-coated dried fruits.
In particular, the company produces 3 types of natural fruit juices, such as pomegranate juice, rose-hip juice, sea buckthorn juice. The juices, that the company produces, are all-natural without any additives and sugar. The company also produces 8 types of fruits and berries compotes, such as cherry compote, peach compote, apricot compote, feijoa compote, etc. The company produces also 5 types of natural jams without any additives or sugar (apricot, cherry, raspberry, blackberry, sea buckthorn) and 2 types of chocolate-coated dried fruits, such as chocolate with dried apricot and dried peach.
Fruits and berries are carefully grown and harvested at 1000 – 2500 meters above sea level.
The modern technologies used by the company allow preserving the original flavor and vitamins in these sun-ripened fruits.
The company has a complete technological production cycle, from fruit reception to processing and packaging. The packaging and storage of production are carried out in the company’s factory.
The company mainly sells its products in the Russian market under its own and private brands. The company has recently entered also the French market.
The company is developing gradually and currently is in the process of obtaining an organic certificate which is internationally eligible.
Having an aim to enlarge its sales in the European markets, the company is looking for distributors of food products in order to conclude distribution services agreements.

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- The whole production of the company doesn’t contain any preservatives, artificial colors or flavors. - The distinctive feature of some drinks and nectar are flavored with natural honey, not sugar. -The production is being processed immediately after harvest to keep the taste and vitamins. - Having at its disposal a modern canning factory, the company is able regularly to provide its clients with the negotiated and ordered types and quantities of canned foods and fruit drinks. - The company’s production facilities are situated in an agricultural region, where different types of fruits and vegetables are grown. - The production has transparent packaging, which allows a customer to see what is inside. - The company provides professional and competitive prices in the market. - The company is developing gradually and has been already engaged in transnational cooperation.

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The company is looking for distributors of food products who are interested to sell and distribute the company's products in different food stores, supermarket chains, specialized stores, and food boutiques under a distribution services agreement. The company expects from the potential partner relevant distribution services to enter new markets.


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