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Armenian wine company seeks agents and distributors

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Wine and liquors
Manufacture of wine from grape


This Armenian company is specialized in wine production. The company produces dry, semi-dry and semi-sweet red wines. The company is going to enlarge its production and reach new foreign markets. The producer is looking for agents and distributors to cooperate under a distribution services agreement and/or commercial agency agreement.



This Armenian company was established in 2001 in Vayots Dzor region. It is a small family business. Vayots Dzor is the largest grape growing and processing region of the country and is famous by its Areni sort of grape. The company owns 80,000 square meters of vineyards, that are located 1500 meters above sea level. The product line of the company includes a wide range of premium quality grape wines. In particular, the company produces dry, semi-dry and semi-sweet red wines. The production capacity of the company is 10000 bottles per year and it uses modern facilities and traditional methods while producing the wine.
During the fermentation of wine, the temperature is strictly controlled and kept within acceptable limits to provide nutritional, flavor and color qualities of the wine, which are the essentials of good wine. The maturing process of the wine in barrels lasts at least 1.5-2 years. After bottling the wine rests for another 4-6 months before getting to the market. The transportation of the production is carried out in boxes (6 wines in one box). All the products are produced and bottled in Armenia, according to traditional wine-making techniques, using endemic Armenian grape of “Areni” sort.
The company sells its products in local specialised wine stores and supermarkets, as well as in local restaurants and wine shops. The company is also engaged in transnational cooperation and is exporting wines to Russia and Poland.
Having the aim to expand the volume of its production, the company wants to find new markets. The company wants to cooperate under distribution services agreement and/or commercial agency agreement.

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- The specific vinification process of wines preserves the olfactory and gustatory properties of fruits to their maximum. - The company uses new equipment and traditional methods in the wine production process, on the other hand, the company uses a specific technology that prevents wines from deterioration. - The company is very competitive in the Armenian market and has loyalty among its customers. - The company won a number of awards, as the wine produced by the company meets all the international standards. - The company is dynamically developing and is enlarging its assortment continuously. - The company is engaged in trans-national cooperation.

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Already on the market

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Distributors of beverages, alcohol and wines are sought to sell the company's production under the distribution services agreement. Agents are sought to represent the company's production in foreign markets under the commercial agency agreement.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250,>500