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Artificial intelligence-based hardware biometric authentication system

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Data Protection, Storage, Cryptography, Security
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A Singapore SME has developed a biometric security solution leveraging hardware-based artificial intelligence to facilitate content security. It provides local storage as an option and is ideal for scenarios where biometric security has to be maintained locally without dependency on cloud infrastructure. The company seeks to partner SMEs or MNEs through licensing agreements, with a particular interest for German SMEs to jointly apply for the Singapore-German SME funding call.



The Singapore SME's biometric security solution relies on AI chips and related hardware solutions to identify and store secure vector information on cloud or local storage, all the while keeping the inference identity securely locked away. The technology is designed to work in local environments but can also be used in tandem with cloud.

The biometric solution based on hardware intelligence can be leveraged for sensitive applications, such as storage of national data on citizen identities, secure banking information, and storage of customers' biometric data. The solution is especially applicable for industry sectors where data privacy is crucial.

The Singapore SME seeks partnerships with MNEs or SMEs of all sizes in the form of a licensing agreement where the partner could license the technology and further develop it to introduce to its customer or market segments.

The SME is particularly keen to partner SMEs from Germany to leverage the Germany-Singapore SME Funding Programme that is currently ongoing till 7 December 2021.

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• The solution is secure locally and does not add to companies' cloud storage costs and complexities. • The solution is hardware based and is easy to use and deploy and uses minimal network real estate. • Reduces the reliance and dependence on conventional Wi-Fi and cloud ecosystems which can be unreliable and limited in terms of connectivity and coverage. The solution has the capabilities to be developed into a platform to enable multiple applications in sectors such as security, food & beverage, retail, attendance, cyber security etc.

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Field tested/evaluated

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The company is seeking partners, including all sizes of SMEs and MNEs where the partner could license and commercialise the technology in introducing to its customers or markets.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500