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Artificial intelligence of things (AIoT)-based real-time monitoring and behavioural pattern recognition for human activities

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A Singapore SME has developed a real-time monitoring system leveraging hardware-based artificial intelligence to detect and alert abnormal behaviours from the elderly while using existing devices such as CCTVs and pressure sensors. The SME tech owner would like to seek license agreements with SMEs or MNEs with a view to commercialisation or possibly find any co-innovation funding calls, if applicable.



The Singapore SME is a technology provider specialising in developing artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. Its elderly monitoring solution relies on the combination of artificial intelligence and existing monitoring devices such as CCTV cameras and pressure sensors to detect various orientations and activities of the elderly autonomously.

This solution is an integration of newly developed AI models and existing monitoring devices. Its pattern recognition feature is based on configurable Long Short-Term memory (LSTM) with human pose estimation models for elders. The tracking of human skeletal position and facial recognition from a frame sequence allows for behavioural pattern recognition while keeping the elder’s identity anonymous. In addition to its AI capabilities, a pressure mat will be attached on a wheelchair to detect the presence of an elder or patient.
This integrated solution provides real-time monitoring for elderly within a suitable environment through identifying any abnormal activities and behavioral patterns via pattern recognition. Thus, the system aids in alerting caregivers for faster response and intervention if the system detects any abnormal activities from the elderly.

The Singapore SME seeks partnerships with MNEs or SMEs of all sizes in the form of a licensing agreement where the partner could license the technology and further develop it to introduce to its customer or market segments.

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The advantages and innovations include: • Enhanced predictive fall detection for elders living in nursing homes through pattern recognition. • Assist in prescribing an optimized schedule of elderly activity timings to minimize over-exertion. • Supports live streaming from commercial CCTV cameras via standard protocols such as Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP). • Infer multiple abnormal behavioral patterns within a single video feed. The solution has the capabilities to be developed for various human activities, environment, and capacity. Such applications could be monitoring the behavior of students in schools or visitors in shopping malls.

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The company is seeking partners, including all sizes of SMEs and MNEs where the partner could license and commercialise the technology in introducing to its customers or markets.