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An Austrian company who invented a bacterial legume seed coating procedure is looking for distribution partners

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The Austrian research company invented a special agricultural seed treatment for the coating process of legumes (beans) seeds. This process happens by the addition of the Rhizobia (Rhizobium leguminosarum Biovar viceae) bacterium which has the positive effect of increasing the harvest of the plants significantly. The company is interested in a partnership with companies in the seed production segment or other suitable distribution partners of agricultural products.



The Austrian company was founded by 5 young entrepreneurs who met as students at the University of Natural Sciences of Graz. The idea behind the product is to keep the sustainable environmental circulation of plants and therefore saving the environment by the production of seed coatings. The combination of water shortage, global warming, and world population predicted to reach 10B by 2050, puts farmers under a huge pressure. They need to improve their harvest each year and do so in a sustainable way with fewer natural resources available.
So the company uses the premises of a Styrian winery to foster and sell Rhizobia (Rhizobium leguminosarum Biovar viceae) bacterium strains for the agricultural seed production industry.

Using this bacterium in an agricultural manner a biological rhizobial modulation process can be started which fixes nitrogen from the air and therefore nurtures plants such as mung beans, soybeans and other legumes.

In the current stage of development the company sells its agricultural products to Austrian farmers and agronomy groups only, but they aim at finding long-term distribution service agreement partners abroad in Germany, Hungary, Slovenia, Rumania, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Croatia.

These exclusive local distributors should have the ability to drive promotion and sales with a high level of technical support. Together with these new partners they hope to start up an international sales network.

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The advantages of the seed coatings with Rhizobia bacterium are following: . a sybiosis with legumes plants gets stimulated by the process accompanying production of nitrogen. . the plants grow faster . the harvest raises up to 30% . the quality of humus and soil improves . the resistance of plants enhences.

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The potential partner should have a distribution network for seed supplements in the respective target countries in order to be able to sell this innovative agricultural product. It would be highly welcome that seed producers as potential partners have a deeper interest in the biological precedures by using or trading the clients' seed coatings.


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Croatia, Czechia, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia