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Austrian manufacturer of high quality precision and system technology components is looking for a manufacturing and subcontracting partner

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Machine tools, other metal working equipment (excl. numeric control)
Other industrial machinery for textile, paper & other industries
Power transmission equipment (including generators & motors)
Other industrial equipment and machinery
Process control and logistics


A long established, sustainable, and internationally experienced Austrian company specialized in precision engineering and system technique offers manufacturing and subcontracting agreements to customer requirements. The company provides all stages of high-tech production and assembly - from prototyping to large series in quick delivery time. Especially cooperation partners from Germany, Switzerland, Slovenia and France are of particular interest.



This SME, located in North-Western Austria, derives its clout from a combination of tradition and innovation. Highly experienced in the manufacture of precision and system technology assemblies, the Austrian SME has developed extraordinary skills not only in production, but also in the fields of supply, programming, prototype design and assembly of high precision machine components (single components, assemblies, special-purpose machines).

The company, founded in 1965, is focused on units and complex precision technology systems. The pride of the company is the highly developed machine park, which allows the SME to produce its products with large capacities (up to 10 axes). By now, its product range has become one of the widest of all Austrian supply companies.

The full range of the production portfolio includes precision components and special-purpose machines designed for:
- turning,
- milling,
- electrical discharge machining,
- flat and cylindrical grinding,
- polishing,
- sheet and metal work,
- surface technology,
- part marking,
- assembly technology,
- small assemblies,
- intelligent modules, and
- module construction.

The company’s great variety of products are commonly used in various industrial sectors, such as semiconductor and aerospace industry, optical- and medical industry, as well as in electrical industry, (automation) engineering, tool construction, glassware, and motor industry.

Because of its high production capacities, the company is looking for manufacturing and subcontracting partners abroad to fulfill its whole business potential. Ideally, a long-term manufacturing and subcontracting agreement with a partner in the industries mentioned above will be established.

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The company and its specialized, experienced and regularly trained stuff (more than 90% are professionals) offer various advantages to the potential partners: - Full-range supplier: The company can carry out all stages of production – from manufacture to final assembly. The very flexible character of the company allows focusing in detail on the customer’s visions and interests. - Quick processing and production: Thanks to its highly developed machine park and the complex ERP system “SAP”, all critical technology needed is in stock and can be delivered at once or after a short delivery time (5-6 weeks for single components). The company has practical experience in serial production of small, medium, and large size ranges, and is therefore able to deliver all quantities ordered. - High precision is guaranteed thanks to strict quality assurances (ISO 9001:2015 and TÜV Austrian certified) consisting of both - automatic and manual – 2D and 3D component testing, statistical models and testing of the components with high temperature and liquid nitrogen. - Sustainable production: The company is CO2 neutral. Its products and their method of manufacturing are oriented on strict environmental standards. Buildings and machines are heated and cooled by river and ground water. Pollutive processes in the manufacturing process have been changed to neutral ones.

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The Austrian SME is looking for a manufacturing and subcontracting agreement with a main contractor from general industries like machinery, electrical industry, (automation) engineering, tool construction, glassware, and motor industry but also from other sectors, such as semiconductor and aerospace industry, optical and medical industry. The cooperation partner should be located in Germany, Switzerland, Slovenia or France. Ideally, the cooperation partner is a bulk purchaser that asks for regular supplies by a reliable partner. However, one-off individual orders are welcome as well.


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France, Germany, Slovenia, Switzerland