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Austrian medical device manufacturer is looking for a full-range supplier to automate manufacturing of new diagnostic device

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An Austrian company in the diagnostic healthcare business wants to reduce total quality product cost and improve quality by increasing automation in the manufacturing process. They are looking for a plant designer and full-service integrator from Europe with experience in electro mechanical micro-assemblies in a low volume high mix environment. Experience in working in a regulated environment would be advantageous. Open to commercial agreement with technical assistance or technical cooperation.



The Austrian company is developing and manufacturing diagnostic devices for healthcare professionals.

These diagnostic devices are currently manufactured mostly manually. Disadvantages are high operating time and costs and a strong dependence of product quality on the respective operator.

The Austrian company now plans to start production of the further development of a current product at the end of 2021. This new product version should be manufactured with a high degree of automation in order to save time and raise quality.

The manufacturing process consists mainly of mechanical assembly steps (screwing, snapping in, clipping on etc.) and possibly also a bonding process. The parts to be assembled are very small (mm range). The new product version will be produced in small quantities.

The company is looking for a full-range supplier (plant designer and constructor) from Europe with experience in automation, microassembly and in medical technology business. Partners from Germany, Switzerland or Austria are preferred. A commercial agreement with technical assistance or technical cooperation agreement is envisaged. The partner is expected to design the new process together with the Austrian company, manufacture the equipment and commission and validate the manufacturing plant at the Austrian site.

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Expertise sought: - design, construction, installing, commissioning and validating of automated production plant especially in a low volume high mix environment - experience in the healthcare business => the plant has to comply with all healthcare/medical technology related standards - experience in microassembly (most importantly electro mechanical assembly steps) obligatory

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The Austrian company is looking for a full-range supplier. This means that the partner sought should design the automated manufacturing process, manufacture the necessary equipment and install, commission and validate the manufacturing plant on the site of the Austrian company. The partner should also train the operating staff and give technical support. This can be done in the framework of a commercial agreement with technical assistance or technical cooperation agreement. Partners from Europe are sought, preferably from Germany, Switzerland or Austria.

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>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500