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An Austrian SME offers industrial services to companies active in the minerals, stone quarrying and mining sector (services agreement)

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An Austrian SME provides services for companies operating in the stone quarry, mining & mineral commodity sector ranging from developing the operation plan, licensing & permit process advisory, exploration & ore drilling technology as well as mineral market research in the framework of a services agreement.



An Austrian SME operates world-wide in the field of international mineral mining, mineral exploration and mineral policies in different countries and offers a services contract to future business partners.

The company - run by a CEO being a mining expert himself - carries out evaluations of mineral deposits, provides international mineral markets research and strategy consultancy and is also involved in the development of governmental projects regarding the minerals policies in various countries.

With respect to mineral exploration sector, the company also provides profound expertise in non-invasive as well as invasive geological explorations including mineral extraction applying state of the art technology and modern technology not yet applied in Europe while safeguarding the environment.

They also provide IT enabled services for the mineral economics and commodity research sector by developing data mining and data analytics tools in the form of desktop and mobile software applications to assist in the decision making process for mines & mineral operations and business development organizations.

The services provided aim at the following main target groups:
SMEs in Europe operating in the mining sector in Europe

For SME mining companies an Austrian company offers the following detailed services :
a) Development of a business plan for the mining projects in order to maximise the revenue during the operatinal phase. The Austrian SME also has expertise in advising the SMEs on mine permit and licensing procedures across Europe
b) Before starting the actual mine and the mining of minerals, ores, etc and during the operations phase the company offers a unique and state-of-the-art technology that has not been applied in Europe so far in order to explore the actual mining site and soil using specific drilling techniques. Latter reduce the costs of wildcats and the productions costs by 50% in comparison to conventional drilling methods.
c) Once the minerals have successfully been exctracted from the mine, the company provides substantial analysis and data based information on
- the commodity/raw material supply chain
- the best target markets and optimal marketing strategy for the mined mineral
- the fact in which county the mined mineral will be the most valuable (market optimization)
- how to sell the minerals as a commodity in the best possible way maximizing the revenue (in terms of import/export conditions and international commodity market access)

Option c can also be performed via a software application mobile app that the Austrian company has developed for the mining industry as well as for investors deciding on investments in minerals as a commodity. The app contains the following features:

• Makes large datasets covering import, export and production trends for raw materials globally traded in 120+ countries across the globe available.
• Allows users to download data and create interactive charts for observing historic trends of commodity volume traded in the past 40 years.
• Entails a dedicated directory and library of information for 120+ countries related to government policy and legislation, list of mines, mine locations, production capacity and mine ownership in all these countries.
• Provides useful links of relevant reports and government websites for mine developers of a particular country to understand the industry status and procedures for mine operation.
• Provides a dedicated news feed providing insights on global commodity markets that is being updated every 5 minutes.
• Entails a facility to request customised data and information related to mines, metal and energy industry exclusively from the company's experts at a reasonable fee.

Advantages & innovations

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The advantages and innovations are: Strong international network of mines & mineral sector experts: The core strength of the Austrian company is the vast geographic network of experts they have developed over the past decade and the diverse range of expertise this team represents. There are experts in South America, Africa, Europe, Asia-Pacific who are top professionals in the mining sector in their respective countries. Their fields of expertise include mining policy & legislation, mineral economics, geology & exploration, mine operations, business development, and environmental assessment.  Innovative solutions in the ore exploration phase: the company has developed comprehensive technological solutions that allow ore mining in densely populated areas and areas adjacent to water basins from different depths (up to 800 m) in compliance with the most stringent environmental requirements as well as public safety in mining areas. The integrated method allows burying waste safely for the environment in the places of extraction of useful component(s) from the rock, excluding contamination of the territory with tailings. In addition, they have developed a horizontal drilling technology for pre-investigation of potential stone quarry/mining sites and soil as well as for the actual operational mining phase that reduces the production costs by 50% and has not yet been introduced in Europe. The reduction of capital and operating costs in the application of the unique mining technologies in comparison with traditional methods will be more than 50% for mining companies using the company's know-how.

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No specific technical expertise is sought by the Austrian SME.

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Already on the market

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The type of partner sought are companies engaged in stone quarrying and mining. The future partner can stand at a very early stage of a stone quarrying/mining project needing external expertise on how to continue with the project. In addition, a future partner could already be engaged in the above mentioned projects and is in need of cost extensive technological drilling solutions. In all above mentioned cases a services contract is being offered.