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Automatic gas detection system and alert software for smart industrial monitoring through infrared cameras

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A Spanish tech-based company, has developed an automatic gas detection and alert software system for smart industrial monitoring through infrared cameras. It enables exhaustive monitoring and real-time alerting regarding different threats for industries such as gas, fire, flares, liquid leaks, etc. The company is looking for license agreements.



Safety in different industries and sectors such as energy, environment, transport, space, defense, chemical, and security is a big concern since there are many dangerous threats: gas, fire, flares, liquid leaks, etc. The problem is that the existing systems in the market are out-dated and there is not a dedicated solution to carry on the management of the whole monitoring security system in an integrated way
In this context, the Spanish company has developed an automatic gas detection system and alert software for 24/7 smart industrial monitoring. It is based on different infrared cameras developed by the company for the detection of the different threats or risks. It translates the human interpretation of the infrared imaging (thermography, surveillance, gas imaging, fire, etc.) to artificial vision, creating a huge potential in a single multifunctional device. The solution combines different technologies such as IR (Infrared Image) optics and radiometry, image processing, machine learning, industrial standards compliance, Industry 4.0 requirements and reliability, etc.

The technology presents the following features:

- Real time streaming protocol: Embedding streaming into 3rd party video management systems (others available)
-Open platform communication: Communication standard protocol as client or server (selectable).
-Remote parameter configuration.
-Modbus communication protocol: Most extended communication standard in the industry for alarm and data. It is fully configurable by user through HMI (Human-Machine Interface)
- Multi-Architecture: Centralized (single server) or distributed architecture (on-site microserver)
-Video management system: 3rd party cameras and RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol) can be integrated in the system.
-Tour, presents and ROI’s (Regions Of Interest): Configurable positions and sequences
-Machine learning: For high performance and analysis.
-Alarm and warning recovery tool: When unattended, it recovers the event video from the databases using the alarms log.
-Both the system architecture and the image processing algorithms meet the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) needs of the industry.
-It is is fully compatible with traditional surveillance systems.

The cameras developed to work integrated with this technology allow the detection of the following threats:
-Gas quantification: Mass Flow Rate retrieval.
-Gas detection: High Detection probability and low false alarm rates.
-Fire detection: High Detection probability, low false alarm rates and large detection ranges.
-Flare monitoring: Height, burning rain, etc.
-Intelligent thermography: Maximum, minimum, average and gradient temperature thresholds and data management.
-Motion detection: Person recognition, line crossing and loitering detection.
-Liquid leak detection: Non-volatile hydrocarbons tanks monitoring.
-Flare efficiency: Smoke index warning, destruction and removal, efficiency indicator.

The presented technology has been funded by the European Commission under the SME Instrument.

The company is looking for international partners from the industrial safety and maintenance services sector willing to cooperate under a license agreement. The goal is to get this technology commercialized within the area of influence of the appointed partner.

Advantages & innovations

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-This is the only solution in the market that integrates all the different infrared cameras for threat detection and provides an integrated management platform. -Unlike other existing solutions in the market, this is the only one that detects SO2 gas (sulfur dioxide) -User-Friendly: Very intuitive HMI (Human-Machine Interface), easy start-up and configuration. -Industry 4.0 solution: IoT solution that includes Bluetooth connections and data on cloud management.

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The company is looking for international partners providing safety and maintenance services to industries, especially those with good contacts within the energy, environment, transport, space, defense, chemical, and security sectors. The role of the partner sought is to market this solution within a designed area under a license agreement.