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Automatic stabilisation control system for hydrofoil boats, watercraft or vessels

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A French startup has developed an electronic system which can automatically control the stabilisation of a watercraft using sensors, electronics and mechatronics. This system has been tested with very good results on the different watercrafts: sailing catamarans and motor boats. The SME is now looking for naval architects, hydrofoil manufacturers or project leaders working on hydrofoils with best performance watercrafts, under commercial agreements with technical assistance.



The French SME created in 2015 is specialised in electronics and embedded systems for marine environments.

The company has developed an electronic equipment which can control the movement of a foil flap or even an entire foil on a hydrofoil vessel. It can control the cant, the rake and other axes if needed using sensors and specific parameters like the desired height of the vessel above the water.

This system can be installed on sailing boats, motor boats, watercraft, foiling jetski, e-foil, etc. Using sensors, electronics, and algorithms, this device is able to anticipate and correct the inclination and angle of the foil. This electronic system pilots some electrical motors, electric or hydraulic ram or actuators and from these data it can correct the position of the foil mast.

The company can adapt its system to the specifications of the partner's vessel and can help source the right actuator.
The SME can help these partners with the implementation of the system by carrying out technical research and calculations for their specific project.

The main expertise of the company lies in electronics, algorithms, sensors sourcing, electric motors calibration for actuators, mechatronics design.

The French company is looking for naval architects, ship and boat builders willing to implement this electronic system in their hydrofoil projects.

Commercial agreements with technical assistance are proposed.

Advantages & innovations

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This innovation allows watercraft to be stabilised above the water. This means that the vessel is more stable and more secure for the skipper and the passengers. Using hydrofoils on watercraft can save energy on a motor boat / yacht or increase the autonomy of an electric boat. On a sailing boat or catamaran, the foils will help the boat go faster. The mechatronics system that the SME can implement will make the hydrofoil vessel stay on its foils and therefore be easier to pilot. This system is easy to use because it adjusts automatically the position of the foils on the vessel. This device is able to control and adjust the actuators of the watercraft by using some specific sensors, integrated circuits and some specific firmwares. This electronic system can make hydrofoils lift faster and keep the boat stable when changing course or switching tack. This device prevents a vessel from capsizing. The French SME's electronics can control almost any hydrofoil and its technical team can study the partner's project and give them some support for it.

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Prototype available for demonstration

Partner sought

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The French SME is seeking naval architects, ship and boat builders and it can help these partners with the implementation of the system by carrying out technical research and calculations for their specific project. The ideal partners are project leaders of a hydrofoil watercraft for which the shape of the mast and wing of the hydrofoil has not been designed. In this way the company could give the partners advice on which is the best solution for adding electronics to it. Commercial agreements with technical assistance are sought with such partners.

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SME 11-50,University,Inventor,R&D Institution,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


Sailboat with foil equiped with the French company's electronic control system


Jet sky with foils equiped with the French company's electronic control system