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Award-winning Spanish raw-milk goat cheese producer seeks for a distribution agreement with companies in the food sector

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A Spanish sheep and goat cattle exploitation cooperative from Galicia, looks for a distribution agreement with a company that sells food products to restaurants and gourmet stores, focused on the Portuguese market. The business produces raw-milk goat cheese in-house, having more control over its quality, through a natural process without chemicals. The cooperative counts with a variety of artisan cheeses as its main product, being commercialized in different points of sale all throughout Spain.



The Cooperative society was founded in 2006, when the two owners moved from Madrid to the Galician countryside to live in a farm. They have been rearing goats and making artisan raw-milk goat cheese for 14 years, becoming professionals of the goat and sheep cattle exploitation market. Their main product is artisan raw-milk goat cheese, producing it themselves; but also sell several products of galician origin. The categories are the following:

Types of cheese:
- Soft cheese with fruit nuance
- Semi-cured cheese (40 days)
- “Vello” cheese (90 days)
- Blue cheese
- Semi-cured cheese bathed in oil
- Soft paprika cheese

Secondary products:
- Goat and kid milk
- Wine and liqour
- Chestnut products

At the moment, the business supplies its products to restaurants, national deli and gourmet stores, and the general public. The production of cheese is made in their farm, monitoring their goats to control the outcome and quality of the cheese produced. This process is not automatized, avoiding the use of chemicals and
adding culinary elements integrated into the production designed to be tasted.

The business’ objective is to commercialize its products in foreign markets, with a special interest in Portugal to expand internationally. Portugal has been chosen due to the proximity and the increasing consumption of dairy products. It seeks for a distribution agreement with a national company that establishes relations with food chains, restaurants, gourmet and deli stores, and local food businesses.

Advantages & innovations

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The business counts with the following competitive advantages: - Production and refining processes are in-house, translating into more control over the quality of the final product - Their Raw-milk cheese does not go through chemical treatment, having a natural moldy rind, which contributing to the formation of specific aromas and flavors. The cheese does not contain paraffins or fungicides. - Their 14 years of experience goat farming and producing cheese and milk makes them experts in the field -Variety of products - World Cheese Awards 2017-2018: Silver medal with “Vello” cheese and bronze medal with their cured cheese - World Cheese Awards 2018-2019: bronze medals with their soft and semi-cured cheese

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Already on the market

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The business is in search of a partner who has knowledge and experience on the food industry as a distributor/producer/agent, and preferably has experience on selling dairy products. The distributor will need to have a network of national contacts such as supermarkets, gourmet stores, local shops, and parties that are interested on purchasing the product. Their tasks will include searching, selecting, contacting and establishing agreements with the different parties involved, to sell its raw-milk goat cheese. The business expects to achieve a long-term relation with the distributor and make it a regular partner to establish presence in the area. The goal is to open a long-standing place in the market for their products in a foreign country.

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