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Belgian company is looking for partners for a commercial agency agreement or manufacturing agreement for the production and commercialization of functional technical doorblades without an internal frame.

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Manufacture of construction materials, components and systems
Manufacture of other builders´ carpentry and joinery


A Belgian company is specialized in the production and commercialization of functional technical doorblades without internal frame used in commercial buildings and public market (offices, hotels, shops and leisure…). The company is looking for agents/manufacturers interested in commercialization of their functional technical doorblades.



The Belgian company was founded in 2006. Some years ago it has developed a totally new functional technical doorblade without internal frame. The doors are fireproof ((EI1), acoustic, burglar-proof and X-ray-proof. Moreover, the doorblades that were developed enabled a faster production process, using a door core for all products, regardless their final configuration. The composition of the materials combines standard fire-resistant, acoustic and burglar-proof functionalities. All of this enables a shorter production cycle and makes a quick delivery possible.
The company wants to expand its market by a network of manufacturers, willing to commercialize the doors in their own market.

As the market (public and commercial buildings) is highly specific and requires solid core doors that combine decorative finish (veneer, laminate or painted) with performance (fire resistance, acoustic, security,...), the company is looking for partners with experience in installing/using technical tailor-made doors. The company is looking for partners for a commercial agency agreement/manufacturing agreement.

Its production concerns on the structural chipboard core, and as well on the frames on a specific size.

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Unique selling points are: - FAST system (short production process), short delivery times (within 3 weeks) - Mechanical and fire rated quality proven with test reports following the European Standards, Fire rated (EI1),… - the doors are ready for the introduction of CE-certification - Using the stabile chipboard as a structural element. - Very flexible in reliance to height and width dimensions - Cheap end-solutions - The production process is using lower levels of energy comparing to the traditional production process The company is continuous doing research and development. The owner of the company has extensive knowledge of functional doors and is involved in different technical committees (Belgium, European Commission) on regulation. The company is experienced and has know-how on latest EU regulations and technological evolutions in the field.

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Manufacturers should have knowledge of the door market and be technical skilled.

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Already on the market

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The company is searching for partners who have a certain position in their country, concerning selling, installing and maintenance of functional doors (architects, carpenters, contractors,...) and who are willing to use the advantage of the concept of the Belgian company. Ideally, they look for companies who install more than 1000 doors a year. The focus is on bigger door installers who can produce frames and who are working for big carpentry jobs for commercial and public market (offices, hotels, shops and leisure) but also other interested parties are encouraged to take contact. The company is looking for partners interested in a commercial agency agreement/ manufacturing agreement.

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SME 51-250


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Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom