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Belgian company manufacturing products against pests such as mites, roaches, bed bugs is looking for distributors

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The Belgian company develops and sales products aimed at eradicating domestic pests like dust mites, head lice or bed bugs. The company is a spin-off of 2 universities. The products are the results of scientific biologic research and don't contain toxic chemicals. The company is looking for distributors in North America and Asia.



The Belgian company created in 2013 is a spin-off of two famous Belgian universities which highlights the results of the scientific research of the CEO of the company. The principal activity is the development and sale of products aimed at eradicating domestic pests like dust mites, head lice or bed bugs. To develop the products, the company studied the biology of pests, especially the way they communicate and places they colonize. Once fully understood, the company mimic their communication to attract them outside their natural shelters, in deadly traps.

The product is a new textile put on the bed, an attractive solution is sprayed on the textile, mites come in the textile, the textile is put in the washing machine. It is a very useful tool for the people who are allergic.

The products have a patent and the brand is registered. The products are distributed in Europe and are complying with the EU health legislation. The company started the process to be complying with the Food and Drug Administration requirements in the USA.

The products are distributed in pharmacies and drugstores.

The company wants to develop long-term partnership with companies overseas which will promote and sell the products. It is looking for distributors. At this time the company is looking forward to integrate and settle its business in North America and Asia.

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The products are unique. The company studied communication and behaviours of insects to designed deadly traps that don't contain any toxic chemicals. The competitive advantage is that the products are innovatives and not a copy of products that already exist in the market.

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The company would like to develop long term partnership with companies overseas which will promote and sell its products. The ideal type of partners are companies with strong background in the pest industry, or willing to develop knowledge in this market. It could be wholesalers distributors to pharmacies and drugstores. The partner should distribute products against domestic pest to drugstores, DIY retail chains, or pharmacies. The company is looking for cooperation with companies that will handle distribution and marketing of the products.


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China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, USA, Vietnam