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Belgian company seeks distributors for their innovative technology for active and healthy ageing

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A Belgian SME develops and commercializes a technology that allows users with a physical, cognitive or logistic restriction to remain physically active in a fun, motivating and safe setting. Google Streetview images are used to allow the user to virtually go outside again for a walk or a ride in familiar environments, or to explore new and exciting locations. The Belgian company is looking for distributors in Portugal, Spain, Italy and Finland.



A unique, award-winning technology for active and healthy aging is offered. The concept was developed by a former nursing home director. The technology allows elderly and immobile people to virtually go outside while they remain in the safe and comfortable environment of the indoor physiotherapy room. The system relies on cloud-based software platform and requires no more than a tablet for navigation and a motion sensor for moving ahead. Google Streetview images are used to open the window to the world again for the users. At each intersection, users are free to navigate and create their own routes in full freedom, creating a fully personalised and unique experience. This will stimulate their memory and challenge them to remain physically active. They will relive the memories they have about the areas they had been living and working all their life.

The Belgian company was founded in December 2015 and started selling its first products in April 2016. Over the last 4 years, they have sold more than 120 Memorides in 11 countries. Their customers are assisted living homes, care units, nursing homes, hospitals, and rehabilitation centers (B2B model). They have recently found commercial partners in the neighbouring countries of Belgium and Scandinavia, but they are still looking for resellers in other parts of Europe, more specifically in Portugal, Spain, Italy and Finland. Their partners are distributors, selling all kind of medical and rehabilitation equipment to the target market for their own account. They provide all support and after sales service, but they do not need to carry any stock as the technology is fully cloud-based software running on standard tablet computers. This makes it relatively easy to adapt the system for use in almost all countries across the world, but the Belgian company is available and has the technical know-how to assist in customizing the device when necessary. Potential distribution partners are expected to co-develop the technology to ensure that it meets local or national requirements of different end-users.

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Easy to implement, requires only wifi. Users can exercise on virtually every fitness device he/she likes. Specifically designed for the elderly populations and staff working with elderly and disabled. As long as there are Google Streetview images available, they can visit known locations and explore new experiences. The user has full freedom to navigate where he or she wants and choose the route he or she prefers. Each user has an individual profile, which takes into account personal physical and cognitive abilities. Reminiscence is stimulated in such a way that users explore known and new locations in search of memories and stories to tell. Experience has shown that users not only spontaneously share individual memories related to specific streets or houses. The explorer can also be used in a group context to stimulate the social cohesion and collective memory of a larger group of individuals. Winner of the Smart Ageing Challenge prize awarded by the European Commission. Further development for e.g. rehabilitation purposes and serious gaming applications are currently being considered.

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The Belgian company would like to use the momentum gained by winning the Smart Ageing Challenge prize to expand sales and marketing across Europe. Therefore they looking for commercial business partners in Portugal, Spain, Italy and Finland that can function as resellers/distributors in their own local/national market. They do not need to invest in any stocks or licenses. They just buy the login codes and passwords when implementing a new system at the customer site. The partners sought have a strong sales force in rehabilitation, active and healthy aging and would like to expand their portfolio with highly innovative new solutions. Very probably prospective partners already deal with products for the care home and retirement sector, but it could also be young entrepreneurs, eager to start a multimedia business in the fast growing sector of elderly care. Ideally the partner is able to co-develop the technology together with the Belgian SME to ensure that it meets local or national requirements and expectations of different end-users.

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Denmark, Finland, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Spain