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Belgian company specialised in pharmaceutical products and medical devices is looking for distributors and is offering subcontracting

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Medical instruments
Surgical instrumentation and equipment
Health and beauty aids
Manufacture of basic pharmaceutical products
Wholesale of other intermediate products


The Belgian company is specialised as import/export commercial agency in the pharmaceutical sector. It is looking for partnerships with distributors to sell OTC pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical products and medical devices. It is also offering subcontracting agreements to laboratories and pharmaceutical companies looking for manufacturers. The company is looking for franchisees for medical devices.



The Belgian company created in 2013 is a import/export commercial agency specialised in the distribution and selling of pharmaceutical products (Over the counter and parapharmaceutical products) and medical devices to pharmacies and hospitals. The company has a large commercial network in different European countries with offices in France, Germany, Belgium, Finland and Netherlands.

The different phases of the development of the company are the following:

2013: creation of the company with market access services
2014: sales and marketing services to promote and sell Rx (prescription) and OTC (over the counter) products
2015: software service for compliance and data management in healthcare sensitive data
2016: HR service in recruitment for pharmaceutical and hospitals sales representatives
2018: outsourcing services of both dedicated and syndicated teams
2019: supply chain with 4 warehouses in EU (France, Belgium, Netherlands and Finland) to source, sell and distribute medical materials for hospitals and pharmacies.

The company has agreements with manufacturers and is offering subcontracting agreement to laboratories and pharmaceutical companies looking for manufacturers for their products.

The company is looking for distributors of pharmaceutical products (only OTC, no prescription medications) and of medical devices.

The company owns a franchise for medical devices like thermometers (classic or infra red), surgical gloves, masks, Covid tests, sterile medical equipment and it is looking for franchisees for these devices in its target countries. These products can also be distributed by distributors not interested by a franchise agreement.

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The company has a large network of partners manufacturers of pharmaceutical products and medical devices. The company has a large European network, with 5 offices in France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and Finland. It is introduced in more than 400 hospitals database in Europe.

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The first type of partner must be a company specialised as distributor in the pharmaceutical sector. Another type of partner are laboratories or pharmaceutical companies looking for a partner to subcontract the production or a part of it. Finnaly, the company is looking for franchisees for medical devices in the target countries.

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SME 11-50


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Austria, Finland, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland