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Belgian company specialized in manufacturing and trading of tanker trucks for fuel distribution is looking for trade intermediaries

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Belgian company offers a broad range of tanker trucks for ADR applications (Accord européen relatif au transport international des marchandises Dangereuses par Route, a treaty governing transport of hazardous materials). In order to support its sales team worldwide, the company is searching trade intermediaries worldwide. The cooperation will be based on a commercial agency or a distribution agreement.



The Belgian company is a business unit of an important Belgian energy group active in fuel supply and related activities.

This unit is specialized in fleet management, rental, maintenance and renewal for the whole group. It orders new trucks and transforms them into ADR tankers (Accord européen relatif au transport international des marchandises Dangereuses par Route, a treaty governing transport of hazardous materials), partly by subcontracting, partly in house.

Furthermore the Belgian company offers new and second hand tankers for sale. It has a wide range of good vehicles in excellent technical condition in stock for immediate delivery. These can be two-, three- and four-axle tanker trucks, tractors, semi-trailers and tank trailers, mainly second hand, but sometimes also brand new making use of the latest technologies.

Today the tankers are sold through the Belgian company’s website. All for sale offered vehicles are listed there, though without prices. Interested parties can select the vehicle of their choice online. When they make contact, they are informed by the sales team and guided to the most suitable vehicle for them in function of their budget, needs, the application and the possibilities to ensure the proper functioning and maintenance in their home country. But the company wants to grow in a structural way from now on. Therefore it would like to find commercial partners. Together with local partners it will be much easier for the Belgian company to follow-up the contacts with foreign customers, to communicate in their own language and to build trustful relations.

The trade intermediaries looked for could be commercial agents or distributors. The commercial agents work on a no cure no pay base and earn a commission on their sales. The distributors take a number of vehicles in stock and determine the selling price to the end customer by themselves.

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- large number (about 250) of fully operational vehicles of all brands for sale; - 95% fuel tanker trucks and some semi-trailers, tank capacities ranging from 7.000 to 42.000 liters; - all vehicles are in excellent technical condition and immediately available; - first owner vehicles, which means that the history of all the vehicles is fully known; - used vehicles in all price categories between 20.000 euro and 200.000 euro; - painting and lettering according to customer’s specifications; - technical ADR knowledge at the disposal of the partners; - online support in reparation and maintenance issues; - vast expertise in vehicle export (cleaning, degassing, export documents, transit plates).

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Already on the market

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Potential partners have the ambition to start or to grow in the tanker vehicle business. Two kinds of partners are envisaged. On one hand dealers or traders of all kind of vehicles, including trucks, could be commercial agents for the Belgian company. Together they align offer and demand in order to provide the final customer with the most suitable tanker truck. On the other hand important fuel distributors could be partners too, either as an agent or as an importer/distributor who determines the selling price himself. Fuel distributors continuously need fuel tanker trucks. Some of them have to manage a whole fleets of tankers, others rent out tankers to other fuel distributors. For these companies it could be interesting to have a number of vehicles in stock at their location. Then there are possibilities to work on the base of a distribution agreement. On top of that there could be a third category of potential partners. These are companies transforming tanker trucks from ADR to water tank trucks for firefighting applications. All partners are expected to function as a local contact point and to bring in customers on a no cure no pay basis. The Belgian company provides their partners with a thorough initiation into the world of tankers with in order to convince their customers to enter in a relationship.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


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Argentina, Armenia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Hungary, Lithuania, Nigeria, Romania