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Belgian SME offering an insulating shuttering block is looking for distribution partners

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Manufacture of building materials
Manufacture of pre-fabricated buildings and systems
Construction of residential and non-residential buildings


A Belgian innovative company specialised in buildings thermal insulation has developed a particularly innovative and efficient insulating shuttering block that allows the construction of ecological and energy efficient buildings to reach the passive standard without any difficulty. This product revolutionizes the way of building by proposing an all-inclusive solution. The SME is looking for partners willing to work under a distribution agreement everywhere in the European Union.



The Belgian company is specialised in the construction of residential and non-residential buildings, focussing on thermal insulation. It has developed a concept of insulating shuttering blocks perfectly adapted for constructions without thermal bridges and with perfect sealing.

The isolating formwork block designed by the company offers high thermal performance that allows buildings to reach the passive standard without any difficulty. It is an effective solution for anyone looking for a green and energy efficient construction.

The insulating shuttering block consists of two walls made of Neopor (expanded polystyrene). The inner wall is 5 cm thick and the outer wall can vary between 5 to 20 cm thick. It is this outer part of the block that ensures high energy performance. Between these two parts, there is a central part with a width of 15 cm which will be filled with rich concrete. It is this part that will provide the supporting part of the complex. The two walls are secured by 6 spacers.

Faced with the energy and environmental problems, the Belgian SME has developed an innovative system, allowing to reach the highest European standards in terms of energy performance. This product revolutionizes the way of building by proposing an all-inclusive solution.

Through an insulating shuttering block, the Belgian SME realizes high thermal performance constructions, with non-negligible advantages such as swift installation, high mechanical resistance to resist natural disasters, all at an attractive price. In addition, the product guarantees a remarkable acoustic and mechanical performance.

The Belgian company is already working at international level and wishes to gain further partners abroad. It is looking for long-term business relationship in order to increase its activity internationally. The collaboration should take the form of distribution agreement, where the partners will work with high level of autonomy.

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==> The block has a thermal resistance (R) which varies according to the thicknesses: - block of 40 cm => R: 8.83 m²k / w - block of 35 cm => R: 7.14 m²k / w - block of 30 cm => R: 5.40 m²k / w - block of 25 cm => R: 3.68 m²k / w ==> Acoustic performances : Thanks to the concrete which constitutes the centre of the block and to the double insulation, the block isolating shutter allows an exceptional sound insulation of 41 decibels. ==> Mechanical performance : Designed in concrete veil, the insulating formwork block demonstrates a strong mechanical resistance. It is also possible to make earthquake resistant constructions. The shutter block also provides fire protection. ==> Tightness : The formwork block is hydrophobic and rot-proof. To optimize water tightness, the block is covered with a hydraulic coating. The latter is then covered by the chosen coating. ==> Speed ​​and ease of implementation. ==> Outstanding mechanical resistance to resist hurricanes or earthquakes. ==>Thermal insulation to reach the highest European standards. ==> Particularly attractive product price.

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Already on the market

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SMEs specialised in the distribution of construction materials for residential and/or non-residential buildings are sought for a long-term relationship under the form of a distribution agreement. The win-win collaboration will allow on the one hand the distributor to offer to its business clients from the construction sector / individual clients such as self-builders a unique product for thermal insulation and will enable on the other hand the Belgian company to increase its presence on new markets abroad.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250