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Belgian turn-key contractor on medical, agro industrial, environmental sectors is looking for financial partners and commercial agents for the development of new projects in developing countries

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A Belgian company created in 1997 is active as turn-key contractor for medical-paramedical, environmental, and agro-industrial projects in developing countries. The company has set a range of new projects and is looking for additional financial partners to complete the global financial proposal. It is also looking for partners under commercial agency agreement to identify new projects and financial partners in health, agro industry and environmental sectors.



Established in 1997, the Belgian company undertakes turn-key projects and provides equipment in several fields of activity: medical – paramedical, environmental, and agro-industrial.

Constantly expanding, the company has carried out more than 30 assignments in over 20 countries in Western and Eastern Europe, Middle East, the Caucasus, Africa, Asia and the Caribbean, in close collaboration with institutional beneficiaries, the private sector and civil society.

The company plans to invest primarily in countries where the issue of economic and social development is of paramount importance. To do this, the company works on projects financed by state loans, official development assistance, super subsidies and all forms of private investment, but also by participating in international calls for tenders issued by major international institutions.

Health is historically the first business area of the company.

Only quality equipment and materials are selected and proposed in accordance with the required technical specifications and safeguarding of the environment.

In medical and paramedical field, here is a non-exhaustive list of projects:

turnkey hospitals, health centers, radiology centers
mobile hospital
medical and clinical equipment
laboratory equipment
pharmaceutical plant
syringe production plant
dental cabinet
ophthalmologic cabinet
veterinary equipment and clinic

The company also carries out projects in the field of agriculture in general, and in the food industry more specifically.

In close collaboration with the final customer, the company can establish any kind of feasibility study, market research and business plan in order to determine the prerequisites for the implementation of the project and profitable operation thereof.

Turnkey project:

fruit juice plant / soft drink plants
tea and instant coffee factories
bananas & plantains processing plant
cassava processing plant
jams & marmalade processing plant
milk processing plant
backing plant
spice & natural oil plant
cheese manufacturing plant
ethanol and related product bio-diesel plant
peanut processing plant
ice cream plant
poultry processing plant
packaging plant
sorting plant
chocolate factories

The third core area of activity, science & environment, includes projects in scientific and environmental field as well as education.

Some examples of turn-key projects:

Scientific field: laboratories for all kind of analysis, meteorological station, mobile laboratories

Environment: sewage treatment, greenhouse

The company is looking for partners to complete the financial proposal the company is ready to finance for new projects proposed. Potential partners are additional financial partners to complete the global financial proposal, in particular in the framework of public private partnerships for cofinancing of development projects in 3rd developing countries. Other potential partners are commercial agents that could identify new partners to participate to development projects in health, agro industry and environment.

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Being aware, on one hand, that a promoter does not always have the resources, knowledge and time to devote to the development of his project, and on the other hand, that this has to be done thoroughly and quickly, the expert team can supply a tailor-made solution that includes : a technical and financial preliminary study selection of manufacturing processes (know-how and licence) financial engineering research of co-investors complex engineering supply, transport and installation of equipment commissioning and start-up training of operators and technicians technical and commercial assistance after launch The experts will be the single contact point of the promoter of the project and will take care of all aspects of the project. The promoter will have constant control over project progress and decision-making without any responsibility for its implementation: this is up to the company.

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The company is looking for financial partners for cofinancing development projects in 3rd developing countries in particular public private partnerships. Potential partners are companies active in development projects in 3rd developing countries or private financial institutions. Other potential partners are commercial agents that could identify new partners to participate to development projects in health, agro industry and environment.


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