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Belgium company specialised in manufacturing resin for flooring is looking for partners under distribution, commercial agency or manufacturing agreement

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Surface treatment (painting, galvano, polishing, CVD, ..)
Materials, components and systems for construction
Building materials
Composite materials
Plastics, Polymers
Speciality/performance materials: producers and fabricators
Industrial chemicals
Polymer (plastics) materials
Manufacture of construction materials, components and systems


The Belgian company is the key partner in the manufacturing of epoxy resin or polyurethane-based industrial and decorative floor coverings. In order to increase its presence abroad, it is willing to develop distribution or commercial agency services with agents and distributors. In addition, it offers manufacturing agreement to companies willing to produce their own products using the technologies and facilities of the Belgian company.



The Belgian company is based at the heart of Europe and exists since 1960. Specialized in industrial paints manufacture since 50 years, the SME chose to develop a large range of flooring resins. The families resins supplied are:
-PU (polyuréthane)
-PU cement

The products comply with all European norms and can be adapted to the local regulations.

The company offers varied solutions: dust-free, non-slip, acid-resistant, antistatic, corrosion-resistant, heat conductive, waterproof, flexible floor, self-levelling, coloured quartz, coatings, mortars, etc.
Thanks to its research and development laboratory, the SME offers numerous solutions complying with health, safety, environmental and “fitness for purpose” criteria, whether for new or replacement floors and for any sector of activity . Their innovative solutions go perfectly with any type of interior, and give a unique aesthetic.

Since 2010, the company production is mainly focused on flooring resins market and the SME supplies numbers of major applicators companies in Europe.
Sectors are various:
- carparks,
- shopping malls, retail,
- healthcare,
- all kinds of industrial companies, ranging from food industry, pharma industry, steel manufeacturers, aeronautics or automotive sectors.

The Belgian company is already well active on the international market, and is willing to increase the market in Europe and outside Europe. It aims at developing long-term partnerships under the form of distribution or commercial agency services with agents and distributors as well as manufacturing agreement with companies willing to produce their own products using the technologies and facilities of the Belgian company.

Advantages & innovations

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- Strong commitment on producing high quality products, - Very competitive on the price - Thanks to the attractiveness and resistance of the creative floors, resins can be applied wherever there is heavy traffic, or in domestic settings, particularly loft apartments. Here is detailed list of the key technical advantages of the products : -A unique, personalised floor -Exceptional aesthetic appeal -Unlimited choice of colours -Mass-coloured -Original, innovative ambiences -Easy cleaning and maintenance -Non-contaminating and dust-free -Solvent-free -UV resistance -Hard-wearing -Resistance to abrasion -Reduced noise nuisance -Fire resistance – no propagation -Mechanical, chemical and thermal resistance -Completely waterproof -Joint-free covering -Excellent resistance to impacts and shocks -Excellent resistance to chemicals and acids

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Already on the market

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The Belgium-based company is looking for partners in the construction sector working as agents or distributors under commercial agency or distribution services agreement. It is also looking for partners active in the finishing of building construction (flooring) or specialty chemical products manufacturers, under manufacturing agreement. The opportunity for the partners would be to use the premises and technology of the Belgian company to produce their own formulation or products and to resell them afterwards.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500