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Biometrics application for a quick and accurate measure of the foot in different size international systems

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A Spanish research centre has developed an application that gives the foot size according to the sizing chart of the company, and in different international systems. It eases the online sales of footwear but also the physical sales, carrying out final checks that avoid later returns. They look for collaborators to integrate this technology to their innovations portfolio, with the possibility of adding new functionalities, via a commercial deal with technical assistance or a research cooperation.



The currently increasing of the online sales and the difficulties that many times are involved when choosing the right shoe size, with the consequent inconveniences for the consumer and the footwear store, were the reasons why a Spanish research centre, with its core activity in the footwear sector and leather, started the development of a solution.

They found that an application to be used from any mobile device would be very useful to avoid claims and returns when selling shoes online and even in the physical stores.

The application developed by the centre allows obtaining, quickly and easily, the measurements of the length and width of the foot, it also provides the manufacturer size if a sizing chart is provided, as well as the size of the user's foot in the different international systems.

As they foresaw, it is a tool to support the online sale of footwear, although it can also be used in physical stores. In the online sale, users can obtain from home, or from any location, their foot measurements and their shoe size. This allows manufacturers and sellers to minimize the number of returns due to the acquisitions of incorrect sizes of the chosen shoes.

The main characteristic of the solution is that it can be customized for any manufacturer by incorporating the brand's own sizing charts. In this way, the result will be valid for the brand itself and even in a particular way for each shoe model. Additionally, the application calculates the size in the Continental (European), British (U.K.), American (U.S.) and MondoPoint systems, using as a basis the technical specification defined in ISO / TS 19407.

The measurements carried out by the application are based on taking photographs of the feet from a lateral and superior perspective, and on the use of a reference element that allows the dimensions extracted from the photographs to be taken into the real world. The obtained dimensions are the length of the foot, and optionally, the width. The measurements taken are stored in the device and can be checked later.

The solution is available for both smartphones and tablets. The measurements made can be shared via the main messaging applications and in the social networks commonly used.

The centre would like to collaborate with start-ups, entrepreneurs or companies via a commercial agreement with technical assistance or a research and development project.

The focus of that collaboration would be to incorporate the technology into the partner’s portfolio adapting it to specific needs and incorporating new and/or complementary functionalities, and even developing together new applications for other sectors.

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• The use of the application is fast, simple and intuitive, and the precision of the measurements it performs is adequate. • The possibility of showing the size in the different sizing systems, avoids confusion for the users if they wish to purchase footwear based on a different system than the one they usually use. • The application can be customized for any manufacturer: on the one hand, the user interface can be adapted using their corporate image and incorporating their colors, backgrounds, logos, etc., and on the other hand, the most important feature is that they can use the sizing charts of the brand.

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The Center is looking for collaborators who want to incorporate this technology into its portfolio of innovations, adapting it if necessary to specific needs and incorporating new and/or complementary functionalities, and even to different applications/sectors. Start-ups, entrepreneurs or companies could collaborate with the center through a commercial agreement with technical assistance or in an R&D project.

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