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Bosnia and Herzegovina manufacturer of large furniture and wooden equipment for sports halls seeks distributors

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A Bosnia and Herzegovina producer of furniture and wooden equipment for sports halls with over twenty years of experience, and existing sales in Europe, is looking for distributors in order to increase their sales of gymnastic equipment, children's furniture and bedroom furniture.



This Bosnia and Herzegovina furniture company has been engaged in the production of large furniture and wooden equipment for sports halls. The company is established in 1996.
This company is designer producer that has been in the market for more than 20 years and offers the experience, professionalism and flexibility of a diverse product range. The furniture is: stylish, refined, of high quality and made of the finest choice of materials. The wood from which the furniture producing are: beech, oak, cherry, ash and nut.

Their products have been placed through the years in many EU countries. Current sale channels are going through Slovenian, Netherlands, Austrian and Switzerland distributors to other European countries.

The products can be divided in several groups of products as: children program, double rooms, gymnastic program and tables.
Children program consists of: cribs, bunk beds or two sofa beds and kindergarten furniture. There are creative collection of high quality cribs for newborn and babies with variety of the latest designs and styles. Bunk beds or two sofa beds are designed for children which are in need for exercise. The vision by development of these bunk beds is to give the opportunity to all children to exercise at home in the space where they feel free to do it and in the time they want to do that. Also for all children which have exercise needs from healthy reasons to allow them and to facilitate them to work at their home. Bunk beds are modeled as a simple beds to be assembled or disassembled at their home, and stable for all exercise on the swedish wall bars. The head backs of the bed packed assembled and only the longway sides needs to be connected with the head back. Also the wall bars are packed assembled and need to be only fixed on the bed or wall. All highest wooden materials of beech are used for these beds. The varnishing can be made in white or black color, or natural varnishing and most important is to know that the varnishing has the certificate that it is friendly for children use. Bunk beds can also be combined as two sofa beds. This kind of bed has following accessories: swedish wall bars, swedish bench, drawers, mattress for exercise. Available colors are: white, black, beech, spruce, ash. Kindergarten furniture consists of tables and chairs.
Double rooms program have different kind of beds in offer. Available sizes are: 1200/1400/1600/2000 x 2000/2200 mm, and available materials/colors are: beech, spruce, ash.
Gymnastic program have following products: swedish vaulting box, swedish wall bars, swedish benches, gymnastic ladders, gymnastic wooden rings, changing rooms benches and other equipment for changing rooms.
The knowledge and quality of products meet the requirements of renowned companies in the EU.

The company is looking for distribution services agreement in order to increase their sale and market share.

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The advantage of the company is that complete production is based on the requirements and models of customers. The highest quality raw material such as: oak, ash, walnut, beech and spruce are used for products. Final step in production is varnishing with BIO oils and varnishes (different colors by the require of the buyer) which are adjusted and safe for children.

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Type of partner sought: furniture salon; Activity: furniture sales; Role: purchase and resell Type of partner sought: wholesale buyer; Activity: resell of furniture to the ultimate customer; Role: joint furniture sales

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