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Bosnian company offers upholstered metal beds, chairs and sofas under manufacturing agreements

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A Bosnian and Herzegovina company which manufactures upholstered and metal beds,sofas and chairs, and has experience manufacturing for companies in Europe and overseas is looking for long-term relationships with foreign business partners under a manufacturing agreement.



A Bosnian and Herzegovina company was founded in December 2006 and today has two manufacturing locations in the country and ninety employees. The company mostly exports its products mainly to the Italian market, as well as to USA, Libya, India, Croatia and Kosovo and in 2018, expanded to Austria.
The company manufactures upholstered and metal furniture including beds, upholstered sofas and chairs using a wide range of materials such as wood, metal and textiles, which are tailored to different customer requirements. The quality and the luxurious range of its products are recognized by customers both in the domestic market and abroad. In its production facility they have a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) woodworking machine that ensures fast and accurate processing and high quality of products.

The Bosnian company is offering manufacturing agreements to foreign business partners, needing a reliable manufacturer of beds, chairs and sofas, made according to their own technical specifications.

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- More then ten years experience in manufacturing upholstered and metal furniture (beds, sofas and chairs). - The company is a fast growing company (revenue is growing up to 30% per year). - In 2017 the company invested significant financial means in a new factory and machinery in order to be able to respond to customer requirements. - The company continuously invests in education of employees in order to achieve effectiveness of manufacturing process.

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Already on the market

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Long-term partnerships with manufacturers of furniture in Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria under the manufacturing agreements. It is expected from the partner to send orders for manufacturing furniture according to their specifications.

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SME 11-50