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Bosnian company specialized in big media server administration is looking for media companies in EU interested in franchising and/or outsourcing cooperation

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The company from Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina specialized in media server administration is looking for mainly european business partners interested in franchising and/or outsourcing their services and/or products. They are offering high-quality server administration services, database security and full-time support with program video streaming, upgrade and optimization of client-server architectures.



The company from Bosnia and Herzegovina, operating in sector of information and communication technologies is looking for business partners interested in franchising and/or outsourcing their services and products. Main focus is on media companies from the European Union requiring high-quality server administration service, database security, distributed denial-of-service protection, full-time support, audio and video streaming of their programs and similar services. Previous experience working with some of the world leaders in this area and high-quality experts are the main advantages of this company proving their professional outreach.
The company is offering services related to web design, web and mobile application development thus covering all activities related to appearance on the Internet starting from scratch, from the bare server installation and settings, creating a website and mobile applications and ending with monitoring of processes and visits. Enhanced attention is paid to data security, so every single process is protected with Secure Sockets Layer certificates, distributed denial-of-service protection and creating backups. Technologies used in web and mobile application development are various.The company has well developed client base on domestic market in area of server administration. Among others, their clients are one national television, cantonal radio and television stations; city university, several bigger local and national radio stations and other companies. Preferable partners are media companies from European Union seeking for well organized and on time provided services of this type. The company is looking for long term deals, offering upgrade and optimization of client-server architecture, not only the maintenance services. Due to that, they are looking for serious long term business cooperation under outsourcing or franchise agency agreements.

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Outsourcing is one of the services advantageous to the company due to competitive ratio between quality and price range that client can deliver. Company is offering server administration services for media companies such are broadcasting radio and television companies, with web infrastructure for audio and video streaming. Client covers wide range of web technologies used in web design and creation of web presentations and mobile applications. Additional advantage is the own Content Management System with technical support 24/7 to all clients.

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Client is offering to perform services of upgrading, optimization of client-server architecture and other services within the frame of outsourcing agreement. Target partners are media companies from the EU requiring well organized and on time provided services. The type and size of the partner are not of significant importance. The company would prefer to establish long term cooperation within potential partners. Client is also offering its trademark and specific processes to potential franchisees under franchise agency agreement.