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Bosnian textile manufacturer which produces new fabrics and textile products is looking for partners under distribution service, manufacturing and subcontracting agreement

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Textile fibres
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Textiles (synthetic and natural)
Preparation and spinning of textile fibres
Weaving of textiles
Finishing of textiles


Bosnian company who has a long-term experience in textile industry is interested in the production of fabrics for automotive, furniture, outdoor, shoes and other sectors. The company is looking for the international partners to conclude a manufacturing, subcontracting or distribution agreement.



The Bosnian company is specialized for the production of textile for different purposes: furniture production, automotive, child seats, shoes and outdoor textiles. It offers several different qualities of polyester textile which can be additionally enriched with lamination and /or several types of finishing like flame retardants, easy to clean, antimicrobial treatments etc. It relies on a long-textile experience brought to Bosnia from mother company Austria. It meets all the specific requirements which were confirmed in external laboratories. Its products can be produced based on different customer requirements regarding width, weight or special treatments.

The convenient terms of cooperation under manufacturing, distribution or subcontracting agreements are offered.

Manufacturing agreement - It is looking for a potential partner who would buy its products or perform certain services inside the manufacturing agreement. The company intends to expand internationally and seeks partners who would buy its products or perform certain services inside the manufacturing agreement.

Subcontracting agreement - The company offers to be a subcontractor in case the client has the indoor textile production with a lack of capacities.

Distribution agreement – the company is looking for manufacturers ‎who seek a reliable, long-term distribution ‎partner to sell and support their ‎products in Europe.

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The company possesses the certificate IATF 16949 (International Automotive Task Force) and it is equipped with machines for warping, weaving, circular and warp knitting, dyeing, washing, shearing, tenting and flame and glue lamination. The geographic position, close to the EU, gives the opportunity in flexibility and short term deliveries towards customers in the EU. Also, the company has the experience in logistics, post-production and fast reaction to all challenges which make the fast development processes with customers.

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Manufacturing agreement: The expected clients might be the companies who are the producers of the outdoor or indoor furniture, child seats or other products by using different types of the textiles in visible on non-visible part of the final product. The Bosnian company may offer a wide range of polyester textiles for different purposes and diverse technical characteristics. Distribution agreement: The potential clients might be the companies who are searching for external services in textile production in finishing processes of textiles itself. This can be performed as the support in printing, dyeing and/or lamination process of different type of the textiles. Subcontracting agreement: The potential clients might be a textile manufacturers in Europe with lack of the internal production capacities in different production processes. The Bosnian company is capable to offer the support with high flexibility rate and good quality performance.

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SME 11-50,SME 51-250