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A Brussels SME providing Software as a Service which optimizes building controls through automated predictive control is looking for technical partners to cooperate also in consortia for H2020 calls

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The Brussels-based SME provides Software as a Service which optimizes building controls through automated predictive control. It combines forecast data and artificial intelligence to match user needs and deliver up to 40% of energy and CO2 emissions savings and reduction in operational costs. The company is looking for partners for technical collaboration and to respond to the H2020 call LC-SC3-B4E-3-2020 on upgrading smartness of existing buildings, under a research cooperation agreement.



The EPDB (Energy Performance of Buildings Directive) has introduced a Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI) to reflect the level of services offered by a smart building. The H2020 call SC3-B4E-3-2020 deals with the upgrading of smartness of buildings and seeks projects to improve the energy efficiency of buildings and related energy systems.

The tool developped by the Brussels SME uses advanced grey-box modelling of buildings in combination with machine learning technology to predict how buildings behave ánd automatically and continuously optimizes energy systems to anticipate these predictions. It has broad and deep functionalities that deliver a better comfort for building users, up to 40% of energy and CO2 savings and significantly reduces time spent on operational follow-up and fine-tuning of energy systems. The tool can provide reliable data delivery from a wide range of on-site and external sources and anticipates building behaviour based on forecasts of weather, building occupation, etc. It allows for fully automated steering of building HVAC & energy systems according to customized objectives. The tool is linked to real time performance dashboards with key operational data for buildings and provides an automated reporting saving time creating in-depth insights in the behavior of buildings leading to energy cost optimization within defined comfort settings.

The company offers experts with more than 20 years of experience in o.a. building simulation, software architecture and development and project management.
The company can offer a building monitoring and control platform, monitoring and predictive control services, operational data of dozens of real buildings in more than 3 countries (mainly office buildings and elderly homes).

The company is looking for technical collaboration with partners specialized in building operation, buidling automation, district heating and cooling and real estate property technologies (proptech), energy storage in buildings, smart buildings, flexibility, smart grid services. In the view of increasing and sharing their knowhow in this market the company, is looking for research partners and technology partners to cooperate also in H2020 projects on smart buildings, in particular under call LC-SC3-B4E-3-2020 ‘Upgrading smartness of existing buildings through innovations for legacy equipment’.

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The predictive control solution can drastically change how buildings are operated. The speed with which accurate grey-box models (digital twins) of the building are created and continuously calibrated is a great innovation. It allows the company to improve thermal comfort and reduce C02 emissions for the occupants, create control transparency for operators and allow buildings to interact flexibly within the grid. Currently most systems work in a non-integrated way. The predictive control tool offered by the SME has the advantage that it can be applied to integrated solutions for smart building systems and is compatible with a very broad range of building management systems, energy monitoring solutions and other smart building solutions.

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The Brussels SME is looking for technical and research partners interested in smart building solutions for technical and research cooperation. Partners could for example be specialized in real estate property technology services, building automation, building IT integrated technologies to offer new services for building managers and users, integration of charging points for e-vehicles, vehicle to grid solutions and energy storage in buildings solutions. Also real estate partners (asset/property management companies, facility management companies, maintenance companies) working on smart building solutions as well as energy networks (District Heating and Cooling) for technical collaboration The company would like to share their expertise and build a consortium for cooperation in a H2020 project under call LC-SC3-B4E-3-2020 ‘Upgrading smartness of existing buildings through innovations for legacy equipment’.