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Bulgarian agricultural machinery is offered for distribution in Romania under distribution services agreement.

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A Bulgarian company manufacturer of agricultural machinery such as grain dryers, complete pellet lines, augers, dryers for bulk materials, grain cleaning machines and lavender harvesting machines is looking for partners in Romania. The partnership is foreseen under distribution services agreements.



This Bulgarian company was founded in 1992 in North-east of Bulgaria. Initially the company begins with manufacturing
of units and details under the supervision and requirements of a German company. Through this period the company's personnel gained useful experience in achieving high quality process management.
The main activity of the company is engineering and manufacturing of grain dryers. After a few years in the sector the
company used its resources to expand the production gamma and engineered new products according to sector demands of the home and foreign markets.
The company started manufacturing of agricultural machines like grain cleaning machines, compactors, different types of
conveyors and also equipment for drying bulk materials, fruits and straw.
Following the tendency in the sector the company managed to engineer and create own drying equipment useful for
manufacturing pellets and briquettes. When the renewable sources gained popularity the company managed to make a
complete line for production of pellets from wood and straw.

Product List

Grain dryers
The grain dryers are designed for drying agricultural materials in bulk with particle size up to 2 mm like corn, wheat,
sunflower, leguminous plants etc. The drying process within these machines runs through very slow moving layer which
allows reducing of the moving parts and from there to reduce significantly possible product damage.
The grain dryers are equipped with burners using: diesel oil, natural gas(methane) and propane-butane;

Complete pellet line
This is the newest addition in the company’s production range. Complete pellet lines using wood chips, sawdust and
straw with capacity range of 200-300 kg/h, 350-500 kg/h and 800-1000 kg/h. Pellets enter the market of bio products
used for heating and energy production systems more and more.
The pellets give you heat power and comfort in a winter season.
The complete pellet line includes the following equipment:
- Shredder for wood branches and crust
- Shredder for fine grinding up to 5 mm
- Silos for humid and dry material
- Dryer
- Pellet press
- Cooling tower
- Connecting conveyors

Conveying agricultural production under different conditions. Augers are designed for elevating wheat, barley and corn
to heights from 2.5 to 5 meters. Efficiency rate from 15 to 98 tons per hour.

Dryers for bulk materials
One of the latest additions to our product range are dryers for straw, sawdust, small wooden particles and fruits.Safe for
the treated material and automatic process control make the bulk dryer a right choice for those who need such
equipment. Series SS dryers for bulk materials are designed to operate with grinded to 5 mm particle straw, sawdust,
corn stem waste, sunflower seed and other crops.

Grain cleaning machines
ZPM series grain cleaning machines are designed for primary cleaning of cereals like corn, barley, wheat and etc. The
machines are fitted with three fully replaceable screens which provide precise operation process.

Lavender harvesting machines
Due to high demand of this type of machines the company developed in 2018 two-line lavender harvesting machine.
Depending on the specific requirement of the customer, the company can deliver the machine both as a separate header
and output strip as well as a complete self-contained complex.

The company is looking for distributors from Romania for concluding of distribution services agreements. The partners
sought will be already a distributor of agricultural machinery. The equipment of the Bulgarian company will compliment
the machine range they are currently selling.

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The company has over 20 years manufacturing experience. Over 140 satisfied customers. Over 140 finished projects. During this period they have gained valuable expertise working with different customers in various agricultural sectors which has enabled them to be fully flexible with customers' needs. The company emphasis is always on increased production, improved quality, reliability and reduced costs for customers. Professional company engineers provide a comprehensive design, commissioning, after sales and spares service worldwide.

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Potential partners should be already a distributor of agricultural machinery from Romania. The company requires knowledge and expertise in selling agricultural machinery. To the distributors will be given full support from the company for each stage of the sales process and implementation including comprehensive design, commissioning, after sales and spares service.


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