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Bulgarian company growing walnuts is looking for partners for concluding distribution services agreements

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A Bulgarian company specialized in growing and supplying of walnut products is looking for international partnerships with business partners that use such products and distributors of these kind of products. They are looking for partners willing to engage in distribution services agreements.



The Bulgarian company has been growing walnuts since 1998. At the beginning the company started with buying and trading with small quantities of walnuts. Then after researching the market the SME expanded their business by hiring lands with walnut trees and participating in the whole process: from fetal conservation, picking, drying and storage to selling.

A few years later the company added additional services such as breaking the walnuts, processing the nuts, preparing them and packing them. A new production base was build and the company have bought new supplementary machines for walnut breaking, drying, for walnut oil extracting, cleaning line, and others needed for the successful production process.

Currently the company is supplying confectioneries and different nut shops on the local market.

The company have also approached foreign markets by exporting whole nuts to Greece, Germany, Sweden and Switzerland.

The offered products are with excellent quality and taste, normal humidity and 55-60% fat content. Aflatoxin certificate is available on demand and other certificates may be issued when necessary.

The offered products are in large quantities.

The company is looking for new partners - pastry shops, bakeries, nuts merchants to supply them with whole walnuts, walnut kernels, dried walnut leaves and walnut oil under distribution services agreements. Partners from whole EU and beyond are welcome.

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Over 18 years of experience; Reliable partner on the local market; The company has previous experience in exporting walnuts to EU;

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The desirable partners are processors, distributors, high-end retailers, bakeries, pastry shops, nuts shops and confectioneries within EU and beyond. The future partner should be interested in establishing medium or long-term cooperation. The potential partner has to provide qualitative representation and dissemination of the products on its corresponding local market under the distribution services agreement. The Bulgarian company will supply the partners with the offered products and the foreign partner will distribute/sell them on their local market or will use them in their production process. It is preferable that the partner company has experience with arranging contracts, insurances and transport;