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Bulgarian company offering machining of metal components is looking for commercial agents

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A Bulgarian CNC /computer numerical control/ machine shop is looking for commercial agents on the EU market in the following fields: electronics, bike industry, sports goods. The company specializes in low-cost production of small 3 and 4-axis aluminum components. Commercial agency agreements are sought. Direct subcontracting agreements are also welcomed.



The company is located in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, and runs a small and flexible machine job shop with 3 and 4-axis high speed CNC tapping centres, producing small aluminum components with extreme efficiency. The company have extensive know-how in machining: thin-walled components, difficult-to-hold components, very small components, components that requires special tool design and fixturing.

Currently, they are oriented to the production of parts for end-consumer products in the following sectors: electronics; bike Industry; sport and outdoor. Subcontractors from other sectors will also be considered if they fit the company’s target, which is machining of small aluminum milled components.

In addition, the company is planning to implement vibratory tumbling and anodization in its portfolio of services, in short term. Thanks to their engineering background, they also offer support to their customers in the earliest stage of prototyping products with design enhancements, that help reducing machining time and improve quality of parts.

- Special offering for milling of aluminum parts is 12 euro/hour. (Hourly rate does not include material costs, shipping and custom-built fixtures).
- Other materials the company is able to machine: unalloyed and low-alloyed steels; stainless steels; plastics and composites.
- Additional services as plating, anodizing, engraving could be also included in the offer.

The company is already involved in trans-border partnerships for the delivery of aluminium parts under subcontracting with partners from UK, Germany, Croatia. They are looking for new clients, ideally for long-term partnerships from the above specified areas of the industrial manufacturing.
Dealing with commercial agent is expected to save time and resources to the company in the search for new opportunities on the EU market. Direct inquiries from potential subcontractors are also welcomed, as the main goal for the company is to attract long-term clients for serial batch production.

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Advantages: - very fast quoting; - low end price per hour; - free demo part; - flexible delivery terms: DAP /delivery at place/ for Europe. - specialization in small know-how intensive parts; - complete offering: material, design optimization, machining, surface plating. - best quality-to-price ratio offering for aluminum parts. Innovations: - integrated cloud technologies facilitating quoting process; - advanced milling techniques.

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Already on the market

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The partner sought would be a commercial agent, who has the right portfolio of clients: manufacturing companies and/or designers, dealing with Electronics, Bikes, Sports and Outdoor equipment, willing to sub-contract: - small to medium batch production; - pre-serial parts production; - prototyping and cost optimisation of new designs. The commercial agent should make contacts to potential customers from the targeted industries and distribute the company`s offering. The company is looking for representation on the EU market, preferably: Czech Republic, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Norway. Subcontracting agreements without intermediary are also welcomed for partners from the above industries.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250,>500


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