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A Bulgarian company offers a bio bee honey and other bee products of own manufacture under a distribution services agreement and a manufacturing agreement

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A Bulgarian producer of organic bee honey and other bee products offers its goods to potential partners under distribution services and manufacturing agreements. The company owns a bee farm and a factory for processing raw materials. The factory’s processing capacity is 20 tons of bee products per day. There are different combinations of bee products and other ingredients available in various packaging.



The company was established in 2013 with main activity production of natural bee honey and other bee products. For the family of the owner, the bee keeping is a long-standing tradition since 1909. The company’s administrative office is in Plovdiv, Bulgaria (the second biggest city, industrial and logistic center in the middle of the country) but the bee farm is situated in the mountains – ecological region, far away from industrial and other environment polluting facilities. The apiaries are certified for bio production and are located in places with different trees and other plants species which makes possible the manufacture of various types of bee honey. The company’s factory for processing of the raw materials, with production capacity of 20 tons bee products per day, is in a small town not far from Plovdiv but also situated in a region with low pollution emittance. These circumstances are essential for the bio characteristics of the manufactured products – all of them could be labeled as organic and in this case additional analyses are carried out to confirm that the manufactured goods cover all the requirements for such products. As a whole, the company is certified for quality and bio production by German laboratories and works in strict conformity with the provisions of Council Regulation (EC) 834/2007 and Commission Regulation (EC) 889/2008.

The company’s product list includes several lines:

1. Natural Bulgarian bee honey. The company produces several types of honey:
- Raw (direcly from the apiary) and processed honey;
- According to the season – spring and summer honey;
- Honey, according to the plants from which it is produced – acacia, linden, sunflower, herbal, dew (forest), thyme, lavender, chestnut, clover, mountain, meadow, coriander, thistle, rape, polyfloral and others.
2. Royal jelly – a complex biological product secreted by the swallow and supramaxillar glands of young bees aged 5 to 15 days. This is the feed of the bee queen and the young larvae. It is rich in various vitamins and other biologically active substances. From all of them should be mentioned the existence of 10-Hydroxy-2-decenoic acid (10-HDA) – an omega fatty acid. The company’s royal jelly contains very high quantity of this acid – 2.78%. This level is reached by using a secret know-how for the royal jelly extraction;
3. Bee pollen – water content under 7%; impurities under 1 %;
4. Bee wax – raw and purified;
5. Bee propolis – raw, purified, powdered, propolis tincture;
6. Special products – elixir (honey, pollen, royal jelly, propolis), honey mixes (different combinations of honey and nuts, coffee, sesame, including pastes of these ingredients, fruits, etc.), aromatic rose honey (the beehives are situated next to plantations of Kazanlashka oil-bearing rose – Rosa damascena Mill. f. trigintipetala Dieck, from which the famous Bulgarian rose oil is distillated) and acacia honey with rose petals.

The company also produces quality bee feed and bee keeping tools and equipment.

The company aims at two types of partnership:

1. Distribution services agreement – for all the existing company products;
2. Manufacturing agreement – for products prepared or mixed according to customers’ specifications or recipes. This option covers various combinations of honey and other bee products – raw or purified, mixed with each other or with different ingredients such as nuts, coffee, sesame – whole or pasted, fruits – fresh or canned. All kinds of combinations are possible, according to the clients’ requirements.

The company guarantees fluent and permanent execution of these agreements based on the availability of enough raw materials, produced in its own bee farm and a factory with enough production capacity for processing of these raw materials.

In both cases the company may supply the goods under its own label or under the label of its partner, in various types of packages with different volume.

Advantages & innovations

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• The company offers products, which are certified as organic by German laboratories; • Secret know–how for extraction of the royal jelly, which helps to be preserved its qualities as a whole and particularly – the very high content of 10-HDA – 2.78%; • The offered unprocessed products such as raw honey, propolis and bee pollen are suitable for use as raw materials in the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries; • The company has a team of experts, well acquainted with the international trade, a specialized know–how in trading of honey and bee products and well organized logistics. The company exports products to countries in Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa; • No compromise with the quality of the raw materials. Every batch is tested and certified; • No compromise in the processing and the manufacturing of the bee products – Hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) and Good manufacturing practices (GMP) certified; • Company offers special products which are comparatively rare on the market, such as bee elixir and unconventional honey mixes; • The content of the offered products can be changed according to the requirements of the potential partner – honey can be mixed with ingredients or substances on the base of partners’ recipes or specifications, tinctures with different percentages of propolis, mixtures of different bee products, etc.; • As an additional service, the company is ready to supply its partners with products under their own privet labels and types of packages.

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Potential partners of the company are: • Manufacturers operating in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors of the economy that traditionally use or are planning to use bee products as ingredients in their products; • Distributors of honey and bee products with strong knowledge of the local markets and commercial networks. Honey shops specialized in selling of honey and bee products are also an option; • Distributors supplying beekeepers and bee farms with the needed goods and equipment – for the offered bee keeping tools and bee feed. The potential partners are expected to have clear idea of the requested products – as type, packages and quantities and to order them periodically on the basis of distribution services agreement. In case of manufacturing agreement, first of all, the potential partners have to provide the manufacturer with detailed specifications/recipes of the requested products. As well as to make regular orders for the goods negotiated under the manufacturing agreement.