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Bulgarian company providing digital training services is looking for a commercial agency, subcontracting or outsourcing agreements in the field of cybersecurity or technical trainings.

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A Bulgarian company established in 2013, provides unique educational approach with short weekly digital trainings through interactive emails with performance statistics. Focus is cybersecurity awareness and improving digital skills or knowledge about specific applications and procedures in a company. The trainings' content includes theory, animation, tests and statistics. The company is willing to enter into subcontracting/outsourcing and/or commercial agency agreement.



Since its establishment in 2013, this Bulgarian company has been operating in the ICT area. It provides an in-house solution for next-generation digital training based on the latest methods and techniques in the field, the development of which uses psychological aspects and technological innovations to achieve efficiency.

The digital trainings are creating 360° simulations of workplace environment (cockpits, control rooms, machinery, hazardous zones evacuation plans etc.) and related digital training content including theory, animation, tests and statistics.

The solution is targeted to all managers who want to manage well-trained and responsible staff that would contribute to business success in the long run and reduce the risk of unintentional security gaps in the company.

The digital training distribution mechanism relies on emails with user-specific content that redirects the employee to a variety of optimized and highly effective training portals.The design of the portals is consistent with the branding of client, which gives users additional confidence. Interactive content, realistic examples, tests, and segue techniques hold the attention and intuitively guide the user to complete the training. The duration of each lesson is only a few minutes, ensuring end-to-end concentration and sustainability of knowledge.

The company has proven results and recommendations given by big international entities protecting them from social engineering and phishing threats by improving the awareness of the workforce.
The product and methodology is suitable for all size companies, but maximum effectiveness is achieved at organizations with more than 500 employees.

This company is looking for a partnership with companies with a background in educational or human resource training.

In case of a commercial agency agreement partner will be responsible for representing the Bulgarian company products and services through finding business opportunities and business development on the local market.The role of the partner would be to understand and gather customer’s requirements and to consult adaption of the digital content for the local market needs.

The Bulgarian entity is also looking for outsourcing agreement - the company is able to provide its services within the frame of an outsourcing agreement.

Furthermore the Bulgarian entity is willing to enter into a subcontracting agreement in order to offer to become a subcontractor of partners who are looking for cybersecurity or technical trainings for their employees.

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*After participating in the Anti-Phishing training, companies have high level of cybersecurity awareness, which immune them against cyber attacks. *360° simulation of workplace environment and related digital training content ensure vast reduction of the typical time and costs of the training process. *The detailed and summary reports for each employee ensure management visibility and motivate the employee to take the training responsibly and gain more knowledge. *Mechanism that keeps users’ acquaintance always fresh and updated through recurring periodical knowledge recall and customized challenges. *Multilingual platform with training portals in your language and immediate start of the educational process within few business days. *The company offers any type of digital educational courses development upon request. *CEO has more than twenty years background in the ICT and digital training, including managing European branch of one of the leading provider of cybersecurity solutions worldwide.

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Already on the market

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The Bulgarian company is interested in signing: 1/ a commercial agency agreement- the foreign partner will represent the products and services of the Bulgarian company. 2/ an outsourcing agreement - the company is able to provide its services within the frame of an outsourcing agreement; 3/ a subcontracting agreement - the company offers to become a subcontractor of companies

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SME 11-50,University,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500